On Hearing: Sadalsky Replied To Vasilyeva After Humiliation In His Address

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On Hearing: Sadalsky Replied To Vasilyeva After Humiliation In His Address
On Hearing: Sadalsky Replied To Vasilyeva After Humiliation In His Address

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Video: Садальский. Васильева ненавидит Орлову. 2023, February

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"And this, it turns out, is Basque": Drobysh condemned the "show-off" of Russian stars


Producer Viktor Drobysh believes that many worthy Russian stars are often not distinguished by their sincerity and lose touch with reality, starting to boast of wealth.

"For me, Igor Romanov has always remained the standard. So he kept perfect restraint, bearing. In the 80s, the word" artist "was somehow magical. Now it often happens that you come to a music award and see a huge limousine.

This limousine is followed by security, followed by another escort car. You think, "Has Clinton arrived?" And this, it turns out, is Basque. It feels like eight terrorists are running after him with a bomb. Previously, an artist could not be a super-rich person. The artists took the subway, were closer to the people,"

- Drobysh explained his position.

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The illegitimate son of Grachevsky refused to undergo a DNA test


36-year-old entrepreneur Maxim Krasikov, the illegitimate son of director Boris Grachevsky, said that he was not going to do a DNA test to prove his relationship with the director. He made such a statement during the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live".

He is sure that his mother could not come up with a story about the connection with Grachevsky:

“I can see how she treated men. I perfectly understand that I am his son. I'm sure he understood too. She told me only today: "I guess I am to blame."

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Khamatova first spoke about the reasons for the conflict with Volchek

RIA News

The actress Chulpan Khamatova first commented on what caused her quarrel with the then artistic director of the Sovremennik Theater.

Galina Volchek died in 2019, and during her lifetime she was famous for her condescension and loyalty. Chulpan said that she once came to a rehearsal with her two-month-old daughter. She left the child in Galina's office, put the baby monitor on and quietly left to work. But at some point, misunderstandings arose between Volchek and Khamatova.

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Dronov explained why the series "Voronins" was closed

Shot from the series "Voronins"

Russian actor Georgy Dronov, the star of the series "Voronins", revealed the reason for the closure of the project. He spoke about this in an interview with RT.

According to the actor, the main reason for the end of the series was the death of Boris Klyuev, who played the role of Nikolai Petrovich. Dronov called the Voronins the most ambitious and longest project in his career, which became an important stage in his life.

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Sadalsky responded to Vasilyeva after humiliation in his address


Blogger and actor Stas Sadalsky reacted to an interview with Tatyana Vasilyeva, in which she spoke unflatteringly about him. According to the star, the artist does not understand anything about what is happening on the Internet today.

There was a time when Sadalsky and Vasilyeva were friends. They don't communicate now. According to Tatyana Grigorievna, Stas betrayed the acting profession, and she does not understand who he is now. The actress also called the audience of the blogger on Instagram "low-level viewers."

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