What Is Known About Vitas' Wife And Children

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What Is Known About Vitas' Wife And Children
What Is Known About Vitas' Wife And Children

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Singer Vitas became famous in the 2000s thanks to his voice. The musician performed works of different genres in falsetto. After 2015, the singer did not declare himself in any way, only in 2019 he released a single. During his popularity, many female fans hunted for Vitas's heart, since little was known about his personal life. Rambler tells what is known about the wife and children of Vitaly Grachev, better known as Vitas.


Glory in the PRC

After the singer gained fame in Russia, he was noticed in China. In this country, he was called "the king of the sound of dolphins", and tickets for concerts flew at a crazy speed.

After the singer's fame in Russia began to fade, he took a commercial course for the PRC. Every year he gave concerts in this country, which attracted hundreds of thousands of fans. Fans from Russia wondered what the secret of his popularity abroad was. Experts, meanwhile, argued that the whole thing was in the PR campaign, which was launched through the Chinese media.


While Vitas flew on tour to another country, his family was waiting for him in Russia. Not all fans knew that the singer has a classic family: a wife and two children. Moreover, he met his wife Svetlana Grankovskaya long before the start of his career. He was 19 years old and he first saw his future wife when he performed at the Musical Comedy Theater in Odessa. Throughout the performance, she stood backstage, and he looked at her. When he decided to meet, he found out that she was 15 years old.

Despite the illegal relationship, Vitas decided to steal the girl from her parents. He asked her to go for a walk, but in fact the couple took a train to Moscow. In the capital, they arranged a life together. In 2006, he made Grankovskaya an offer.

In 2008, their first daughter was born, who was named Alla. In 2015, the couple had a second child - a boy named Maxim. His daughter is already performing at concerts and singing, while his son is still ashamed of the audience. The family lives in a country house on Rublevka.

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