Bari Alibasov Will Reunite With His Ex-wife

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Bari Alibasov Will Reunite With His Ex-wife
Bari Alibasov Will Reunite With His Ex-wife
Video: Bari Alibasov Will Reunite With His Ex-wife
Video: СЕСТРА БАРИ АЛИБАСОВА: Первая встреча с братом после похищения. Прямой эфир 2023, February

Bari Alibasov decided to reunite with the mother of his son Elena Uronich. She and their common child Bari Alibasov Jr. will look after the producer. It is reported by StarHit.

As Alibasov Jr. told the publication, his mother decided that her ex-husband needed support after a difficult divorce from actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. In the near future, Uronich will visit his son and ex-spouse in Kaliningrad. There, the showman is recovering from a complex leg injury.

Uronich lived with Alibasov in the mid-80s and gave birth to a son from him, soon the couple broke up. The woman was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had to go to the hospital many times. Alibasov Jr. said that all his childhood he saw his mother healthy, because during her exacerbations the boy was taken away from his hometown.

In early February, Alibasov was spotted at the airport in a wheelchair. His son met his father from a drug treatment clinic and took him to Kaliningrad. The lawyer of the producer's son, Alexander Benkhin, said that Alibasov was undergoing treatment at the clinic of Yevgeny Buchatsky. Movement in a wheelchair is associated, as the publication suggests, with pain in the legs, which the producer complained about earlier.

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