Actress Ekaterina Shpitsa Married A Businessman

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Actress Ekaterina Shpitsa Married A Businessman
Actress Ekaterina Shpitsa Married A Businessman
Video: Actress Ekaterina Shpitsa Married A Businessman
Video: Два раза выходила замуж и воспитывает сына | Актриса Екатерина Шпица 2023, February

Katerina Shpitsa plays in the theater and also actively acts in films. The girl this year participated in the "Dancing with the Stars" project. She has shown that she has many talents. She was always watched by her beloved Ruslan Panov, the director of a network of fitness clubs and a businessman. They have been together for over three years. Usually, the actress rarely talks about her personal life. However, on February 24 it became known that Katerina had a wedding with her chosen one.

On the social network, Spitsa shared a shot taken shortly after the painting in the registry office. She bragged about the ring with her new husband. Colleagues and friends immediately began to congratulate the couple. Apparently, Alena Sviridova was also present during the solemn event. She posted a photo of the newlyweds.

In the frame, Catherine poses in a fluffy bustier dress with airy sleeves that can be removed. The outfit of a milky shade emphasized the fragile figure of the girl. She gave up the veil, gathered her hair in a bun, and held a bouquet of creamy roses in her hands. But the groom was in a black suit.

“Katyusha and Ruslan! I love you very much! You can do it! I burst into tears,”Sviridova admitted.

Many showered a couple of congratulations: “Ahh !! Handsome guys, congratulations,”said Yulia Kovalchuk. “I congratulate you,” Svetlana Khodchenkova joined.

By the way, Spitz was going to arrange a wedding last year, but then she had to cancel everything because of the tragedy in the family. Ruslan's father died due to a medical error. The girl believes that love does not need a stamp in her passport, so she postponed the wedding in order to support her lover in a difficult situation.

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