Lolita Spoke About The Sixth Marriage

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Lolita Spoke About The Sixth Marriage
Lolita Spoke About The Sixth Marriage

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Video: Лолита - опасные гастроли. Воровка-домработница, скорая за кулисами и недоразумение в личной жизни. 2023, February

On New Year's Eve, the singer announced that she had already married for the sixth time. However, she recently commented on the marriage differently. This is reported by


According to the singer, at the word marriage, she begins to have osteochondrosis. She also added that she hates the word marriage because it gives her bad associations.

“I here once thought:“Really I will no longer have love, romance, this agonizing expectation?” But then, starting to meet, I realized that I was not ready for a relationship called marriage. At this word, the place on my back begins to ache, where osteochondrosis is. Straight straight away."

The star noted that in life she is a rather tough person who can say no to anyone without any problems.

She never chooses the words and is used to, if something does not suit her in a relationship, close the door with the words: "Thank you very much and how good it is to be the wife of an astronaut." This was reported by "MK".

Previously, Rambler reported why Lolita cannot have children.

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