Derevianko First Came Out With A New Girl

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Derevianko First Came Out With A New Girl
Derevianko First Came Out With A New Girl

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44-year-old popular actor Pavel Derevyanko, who recently announced the separation from his common-law spouse, has declassified a new romantic relationship.

On the red carpet of the Golden Eagle film awards ceremony Pavel Derevyanko appeared in the company of a spectacular blonde. The actor's companion was the ballroom dancing champion Alena Ivanova, as Derevyanko himself introduced her. The lovers did not hide their feelings for each other and posed for photographers together.

In mid-December, Pavel Derevyanko and his now former common-law wife Daria Myasishcheva went on the air to tell subscribers the details of their separation. The actor and his beloved were in a relationship for 10 years, during which time they had two daughters: Varya and Sasha.

“We still love and respect each other. We raise children together, but we are no longer a couple, - said Pavel Derevyanko and Daria Myasishcheva. - No one found young people, no one went anywhere. We are partners, we are friends. We're all right. We are just free and happy people."

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