What Is Known About The New Wife Of Alexei Panin

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What Is Known About The New Wife Of Alexei Panin
What Is Known About The New Wife Of Alexei Panin

Video: What Is Known About The New Wife Of Alexei Panin

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Actor Alexei Panin secretly married a second time. The actor's chosen one was 40-year-old Eva Tarlakyan. The girl has already met Panin's daughter, but so far she cannot move to her husband in Spain. "Rambler" tells what is known about Panin's new wife, with whom they secretly signed.

Eva Tarlakyan / VK

The fact that Panin married a second time, Eva told on the air of the show "Stars converged". The actor and his beloved got married on December 2, when he came to Russia.

Tarlakyan said that she met the actor a year ago in a common company and a spark arose between them. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she cannot come to Spain to her husband, so now they have a long-distance relationship.

Eva Tarlakyan / VK

For a year of relationship, Eva managed to meet the actor's daughter, Nyusya. She said that this happened a month after the lovers began a relationship.

"I met Alexei's daughter Nyusya after about a month of our relationship. She is very similar to my dad in character, it is simply impossible not to fall in love with her."

Of course, questions about the actor's controversial reputation were not left aside. Only a brave girl could marry a man whose biography is associated with many scandals. To this, Eva replied that what people see on the screen is not at all similar to what happens in life.

"Alexey is kind, smart and very charismatic"

After the release of the program, Alexey Panin and his daughter recorded a video where they mentioned the words of the press about his new wife. The actor's daughter Nyusya stated directly that she had chosen to live with her dad and did not regret it.

"And now these people in the studio are saying that I need to be returned to my mother! What right do they have? They say that Eve, my dad's girlfriend, will be a bad stepmother for me. What do they even know about this?"

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