Lolita Told Who She Went To Bed With

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Lolita Told Who She Went To Bed With
Lolita Told Who She Went To Bed With
Video: Lolita Told Who She Went To Bed With
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Singer Lolita Milyavskaya spoke about her sexual partners. The artist took part in the YouTube show of Vasily Shakulin.

According to the singer, when she began to count her men, she realized that she did not have enough fingers on her hands and stopped doing it.

“I’m now having the most awesome period - I can t ******* I and not fly,” - said Lolita.

She shared that she once had an affinity with an African American. The singer wanted to check if the truth is told about their masculinity. In addition, Lolita went to bed with a woman:

“There was only one. I just needed to understand - it's not mine."

Many of the artist's beloved men were called Alexander, so she called other partners by this name:

“Happened in an intimate moment when you feel very good and you say 'Sa', but he turns out to be not 'Sa'. You try to get out … And then you frantically remember who is next."

As Lolita said, she could not build a strong family, because she did not wait for the right man, but clung to "every g *** o".

Previously "Rambler" reported that the Internet began to massively pour dirt on the stars.

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