Ovsienko Thought About Surrogacy

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Ovsienko Thought About Surrogacy
Ovsienko Thought About Surrogacy

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Video: A Human Rights Response to Commercial Surrogacy | Dr Paula Gerber | TEDxStHildasSchool 2023, February

Singer Tatyana Ovsienko in a frank interview spoke about family life with her common-law husband Alexander Merkulov. Among other things, the artist answered the question about children. Ovsienko admitted that she witnessed how the quarantine destroyed some pairs and held others together. She also told what happened with her relationship. Her words are quoted by the publication "Interlocutor".

"You know, someone divorces in quarantine, and someone goes to the hospital. We have neither the first nor the second, although we really want a baby. We are believers, we stand in prayers, we very often discuss this topic. As God willing. Of course, I realize how old I am. Sasha offered a surrogate mother, and my son Igor - to take a baby from an orphanage ",

- shared the singer.

Tatyana Ovsienko noted that while they are discussing all possible options at the family council, they have not yet come to a consensus.

Previously, Rambler wrote that Didenko, who had buried her husband, announced pregnancy.

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