5 Hollywood Stars Who Speak Russian

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5 Hollywood Stars Who Speak Russian
5 Hollywood Stars Who Speak Russian
Video: 5 Hollywood Stars Who Speak Russian
Video: Stars speak Russian | Звёзды говорят по-русски [ПЕРЕЗАЛИВ] (Осторожно, мат!) 2023, February

Knowledge of a foreign language among Russian actors is a very useful skill for career advancement. Who knows, you might have to film in Hollywood. But some Hollywood stars speak Russian, despite the fact that it is considered one of the most difficult.

1/6 Elizabeth Olsen

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2/6 Kate Beckinsale

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3/6 Kate Beckinsale

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4/6 Milla Jovovich

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5/6 Mila Kunis

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6/6 Robert Downey Jr.

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Kate Beckinsale

The actress studied Russian at the university. Oxford had a very strong program, so Kate still remembers a lot and can even support a conversation in Russian. The actress demonstrated her language skills at the evening show by Stephen Colbert.

The host asked her to translate a few phrases into English. Oddly enough, but she brilliantly coped with the task without any problems, as if she was practicing Russian every day.

Milla Jovovich

The actress, who was born in Kiev and spent her childhood in Moscow, knows Russian from the cradle. In the 80s, Mila's parents moved to America. There, the girl quickly learned English, began her modeling career, then began acting in films. The actress does not forget about Russian roots and often visits Russia.

On one of these visits, Mila got to the show "Evening Urgant" and she had to speak a lot in Russian. Once, on her Instagram, she published a video in which she reads the fairy tale "A fly - a clatter" to children.

Elizabeth Olsen

This actress became famous on the vastness of the Russian Internet by no means quoting children's classics. On the Conan O'Brien show, Elizabeth shocked the audience with her knowledge of Russian foul language. The actress told the presenter that she lived in Russia for six months, studied at the Moscow Art Theater on the course of plastic dance and movements.

She knew Russian poorly, but this did not prevent her from starting a relationship with a Russian guy. He helped his beloved to master Russian, dedicating even to the secrets of obscene language. As Elizabeth confessed, she never learned Russian, but Russian mat remained in her memory forever.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis, like Jovovich, was born in Ukraine. Despite moving to the United States, in the family of the future celebrity, everyone continued to communicate with each other in Russian. In an interview, the actress admitted that she can neither read nor write in Russian. She moved to America at the age of six, so she forgot everything she knew at school. However, her spoken Russian is perfect.

She demonstrated excellent language skills during a press conference in Russia.

In 2011, the actress came to Moscow to promote her film "Friendship Sex" and at a meeting with journalists she argued in Russian. Also, Mila always communicates with the Russian media herself in Russian.

Robert Downey Jr

The actor has no Russian roots, but this did not stop him from learning a few basic phrases. “Iron Man” really wanted to impress Russian-speaking fans, so he prepared a speech in Russian for his speech. During the Avengers' PR campaign in Moscow, he turned to fans and talked a little with them.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Russian celebrities and children. On behalf of all of us, we love Russia. Thanks a lot!" - said Robert.

The fans were stunned by the idol's performance and noted that the actor did a great job for the first time.

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