Sedokova Apologized To Meladze For A Kiss

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Sedokova Apologized To Meladze For A Kiss
Sedokova Apologized To Meladze For A Kiss

Video: Sedokova Apologized To Meladze For A Kiss

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Video: Слезы Седоковой!!! Последний обмен участников Хочу к Меладзе 2023, February

Anna Sedokova apologized to Valery Meladze for the kiss.

The singer became famous throughout the country when she got into the group "VIA Gra". Then Meladze Jr. suggested Sedokova to star in one of his videos.

As the singer previously recalled, he understood that this was a successful production move, but he did not want to act with Sedokova himself:

“As a producer, it was correct to show her in my video and thus immediately announce her. “Yeah,” an astute viewer would think, “this girl starred with Meladze and immediately appeared in the video for“VIA Gra”. It would have instantly become popular, but I myself was overcome by doubts. It seemed that Anya was too undisturbed and young, in addition there were several rather frank, frivolous shots when we met, kissed and all that. Lips in any case touched … Naturally, what woman is pleased to see her husband in such a situation? In short, I had to put an end to the video, although a lot of money was spent”.

In his YouTube show, presenter Vasily Konov asked Anna if she really kissed Valery, to which Sedokova replied:

“There was no kiss, it’s not real. But, probably, I fainted with happiness, so I forgot. It turns out that I had to be declared … And then it seemed to me that I was no longer that young. But each has its own truth. Valery, I apologize for being so frivolous with you that I even forgot our kiss on the lips. I hope you will forgive me. But if you remember, then everything was fine ",

- Sedokova said ironically.

We will remind, earlier "Rambler" reported that Sedokova disclosed her income for the month.

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