Asmus Shocked Fans With Naked Selfies

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Asmus Shocked Fans With Naked Selfies
Asmus Shocked Fans With Naked Selfies
Video: Asmus Shocked Fans With Naked Selfies
Video: NAKED SELFIES | Performance by Milo Moiré (2015) 2023, February

Actress Christina Asmus shared nude selfies from the bathroom with subscribers. She posted the pictures on her Instagram account.

In the photo, the actress is sitting in the bathroom and smiling at the camera. The pictures, Asmus admitted, were taken for the filming of the film "Text".

“This was the only time in my life when I photographed myself naked on the phone,” she captioned the photo.

According to the actress, she had a task from the director - to fill the phone for filming with her photographs.

"They were different - on the street, and in a shopping center, and with tears, and with a dog, and in the evening, and in the bathroom … So it's not me, it's Nina," Asmus said.


Netizens joked in the comments that the divorced actress was trying to attract a new man.

"When I went hunting for a new groom," "Everything will not calm down," "Christina, it is better to go through the divorce in silence, why are these photos" - subscribers wrote to her.

Previously, Rambler reported that Muceniece hinted at a new boyfriend.

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