Lena Miro Criticized Victoria Bonya

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Lena Miro Criticized Victoria Bonya
Lena Miro Criticized Victoria Bonya

Video: Lena Miro Criticized Victoria Bonya

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Video: Виктория Боня про конфликт с Бородиной, Лену Миро и участие в ДОМ2 / ДаДа — НетНет 2023, February

Blogger Lena Miro commented on the complaint of the participant of the reality show "Dom-2" Victoria Boni that she does not have a husband and she was "sick" of loneliness. The author of the blog writes about this on his page in LiveJournal.

According to her, the 40-year-old presenter tried with all her might to find a boyfriend: “she went to dishonor in a brothel 2,“she wasted herself trying to make friends with Neymar,”and in the end she was left alone.

"The woman's age is short. A man in Russia is spoiled by the elasticity of the fresh bodies of vocational school girls. Didn't arrange a personal life until 30? You don't have any chances," says Miro.

She also notes that the mistakes of our compatriots are based on an incorrectly set goal, when girls under 30 first want a rich husband, and then they are left alone.

"How does it all end? Boney. 40 years old, a flat loose ass that no one needs" - sums up the blogger.

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