Sobchak And Kandelaki Exchanged Barbs Again

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Sobchak And Kandelaki Exchanged Barbs Again
Sobchak And Kandelaki Exchanged Barbs Again

Video: Sobchak And Kandelaki Exchanged Barbs Again

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Video: Тина Канделаки: конфликт с Собчак, авария в Ницце, эфир Губерниева и Бузовой и зарплаты футболистов 2023, February

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak does not get tired of scoffing at her "colleague in the shop" - Tina Kandelaki. Former co-hosts of the show "Two Stars" more and more often do not hesitate in expressions and do not particularly choose words addressed to each other.

And now Sobchak once again walked through Kandelaki's appearance. She did not delay the answer.

"Why does a 70 kilogram person advertise sports?"

- Sobchak said on the YouTube show Comment Out, looking at the photo of Kandelaki. She called the picture itself ugly.

In her blog, Kandelaki answered Ksenia with a counter question:

"Why does a woman with very bad skin, swollen face and bruises advertise cosmetics?"

And she added that if a person adheres to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, then it does not matter at all how much he weighs.

"The promotion of a healthy lifestyle by one's personal example inspires much more convincingly than the mentoring tone of a person who imagines himself to be a moral guideline",

- concluded Tina Kandelaki.

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