Alena Vodonaeva Accused Russians Of Sexism

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Alena Vodonaeva Accused Russians Of Sexism
Alena Vodonaeva Accused Russians Of Sexism

Video: Alena Vodonaeva Accused Russians Of Sexism

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Russian TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva reacted sharply to publications in some media that criticized the appearance of her guest Maria Maksakova, with whom the journalist had a conversation about female circumcision. The blogger announced this on her YouTube channel.

"The last issue exposed another problem. Some women's media isolated from the 20-minute story only criticism of Maksakova. They allowed themselves rhetorical questions about the hairstyle. And this is in the midst of a pandemic, when beauty salons around the world have been closed for three months," Vodonaeva said.

According to her, Russian women are on guard for sexism, and journalists, without knowing it, are postponing progress in the country.

"We clearly see the priorities of our society, and journalists only indulge our worst qualities, provoking bullying with these articles. So instead of discussing an important problem, get a bucket of selected bile, and on behalf of women like you," the journalist emphasized.

Previously, Rambler wrote that Sedokova told about her ex-husband's infidelities.

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