Why Tarzan Divorced His First Wife In The 90s

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Why Tarzan Divorced His First Wife In The 90s
Why Tarzan Divorced His First Wife In The 90s

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Natasha Koroleva became the second wife for Sergei Glushko (Tarzan). Before that, he had already been engaged to another woman. Despite the fact that not much is known about his first wife, he never hid her. Rambler tells how Tarzan's first wife lives.

Military career

Tarzan's father served at the Plesetsk cosmodrome and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Despite the fact that Tarzan was engaged in creative work, he nevertheless entered the A.F. Mozhaisky Military Engineering Institute. After receiving his education, he worked at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the city of Mirny.

It was in Mirny that he met his first wife, Elena Perevedentseva. In 1992, they got married, Glushko was given an apartment from the cosmodrome where the newlyweds lived. As Tarzan himself said, there was not enough money, so he was forced to earn extra money: he traded and worked as a barker in a store.


After five years of marriage, the couple separated. The marriage was officially dissolved in 1997. Former lovers themselves say that their feelings could not survive financial difficulties. In the 90s, it was especially difficult, despite the additional work of Tarzan. Pera divorced, and Glushko left for Moscow in search of work, as he did not see further prospects in Mirny. He left his apartment to his ex-wife.

How Tarzan's first wife lives now

Elena Perevedentseva / ok.ru

Elena Perevedentseva remarried a month after breaking up with the star. However, the second marriage also quickly fell apart. She found her man for the third time. She is still with him and is raising an adult daughter.

The woman continues to work at the cosmodrome, and sometimes gives interviews about her star ex-spouse. She speaks calmly about the past, since they parted with Tarzan by mutual agreement.

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