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Stars Who Married A Relative
Stars Who Married A Relative
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In our world, it is not customary to have close feelings for your relatives, but love is an unpredictable thing. Rambler will tell about celebrities who married a relative.

Kevin Bacon and Keira Sedgwick

Actors Kevin Bacon and Kira Sedgwick have been married for over 30 years, but they only recently learned that they are related to each other. This became known on the TV show Finding Your Roots. The host of the show, a famous Harvard professor of African American history, managed to determine that Kevin is his wife's nine uncle.

Woody Allen and Sun-Yi Previn

In his memoir, director Woody Allen admitted that he had married his stepdaughter. Together with his ex-wife Mia Farrow, Allen adopted two girls, with one of whom later began an affair. There was a scandal when Woody's wife discovered that he had photographs of his naked stepdaughter Sun-Yi. However, love still prevailed, and later Woody and Sun-Yi exchanged rings.

Albert and Elsa Einstein

For some time, the author of the theory of relativity was married to his student, and then to his cousin Elsa. The girl looked after him and supported him in everything. However, in 1936, Elsa died of a heart attack, and Einstein was in mourning for the rest of his life.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

In 1947, Elizabeth II married the great-grandson of Queen Victoria, Philip Mountbatten. And if you believe the pedigree, then the spouses are each other's fourth cousins.

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