Aziza Revealed New Details Of Talkov's Murder

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Aziza Revealed New Details Of Talkov's Murder
Aziza Revealed New Details Of Talkov's Murder

Video: Aziza Revealed New Details Of Talkov's Murder

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Video: Viva La Diva - Aziza (Азиза), Филипп Киркоров (Kirkorov) 2023, February

Singer Aziza shared new details of the murder of musician Igor Talkov. This is reported by


Talkov was wounded by a bullet during a scuffle at a concert at the Yubileiny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg. The artist himself participated in the quarrel, as well as the boyfriend of the singer Aziza, who told the details of the fateful evening.

“I shouldn't have participated in this concert. I was asked only the day before. And they wrote my name in pencil on the list of speakers that had been formed in advance. My director Elya asked the director to change places with one of the artists, because there was little time for preparation, and I felt bad."

As Aziza noted, she was at that time pregnant with Igor Malakhov. It was he who was later accused of the murder of Talkov, considering him to be Aziza's guard. The charges were later dropped from the man. Aziza herself, as she added, was severely tormented in those days by toxicosis.

The singer explained that Talkov was the first to show aggression towards Malakhov and her. As a result, Malakhov was beaten by five people at once. The fight happened on a domestic basis. The instigator was not her favorite person at all.

Previously, Rambler reported that Fadeev had announced the death of Russian television.

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