Vitas: "Stop Whining That You Are Dying Of Hunger"

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Vitas: "Stop Whining That You Are Dying Of Hunger"
Vitas: "Stop Whining That You Are Dying Of Hunger"

Video: Vitas: "Stop Whining That You Are Dying Of Hunger"

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Pop singer Vitas responded to complaints from colleagues who lost concerts for many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them said they were on the brink of poverty.


“First: dear colleagues, stop whining that you are dying of hunger - only Kharlamov and Guzeeva can believe this. Second: stop selling your personal belongings - they smell like mothballs. Third: how do you like the second? Stop thinking about the dough, sell your socks and pay for the communal apartment (do not confuse it with Kommunarka). I urge you to think about people who find themselves in exactly the same situation and to treat the leadership of federal channels with respect. As our champion Khabib Nurmagomedov said: “You don’t need to be selfish, you need to think about yourself first,”

- Vitas summed up.

The singer also spoke about boycotting the New Year's shows by the artists. He urged his colleagues not to deprive people of the opportunity to enjoy their work.

According to the actor Mikhail Boyarsky, the stars should not complain about the lack of money due to the cancellation of concerts, instead they should find another job.

“We weren't rich and you shouldn't get used to it. To receive any benefits? It seems to me that for a man it is a shame. I believe that a man - even in such a female profession as acting - should still be able to get money in any way. Which one exactly is his problem. But to ask - in no case ",

- said Boyarsky.

Previously, Rambler reported that the stars' fees for New Year's corporate parties were disclosed.

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