Miro Ridiculed Borodina's Statement About Muscovites

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Miro Ridiculed Borodina's Statement About Muscovites
Miro Ridiculed Borodina's Statement About Muscovites

Video: Miro Ridiculed Borodina's Statement About Muscovites

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Recently, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina spoke unflatteringly about the girls in the capital. According to the star, the inhabitants of the metropolis are distinguished by easy accessibility:

"In Moscow, it is very easy not only to meet a woman, but to be in bed with her that very evening. It is absolutely not difficult for a man, and women are to blame for this,"

- she indicated her opinion.

Blogger Lena Miro in her new post decided to question the validity of this statement and understand why Borodin thinks so.

There is no greater hypocrite than a former libertine, they say among the people. Ksenia Wart suddenly gave out that all Muscovites jump into bed right away on the first date.

Did you give it very easily? You are the one to blame!

That is, the whole responsibility, according to the mom of the broadcast from the brothel 2, does not lie with those goats that sit in a cafe and throw bread balls in the neckline of strangers, but on girls they give, infections, easily!

Miro wondered why Ksenia Borodina, who expresses such lofty principles, is at the same time the TV presenter of "House-2", a program that literally pushes its participants to dubious actions:

Unless you gave on the pubic brothel site, you are not flamboyant. And since it is not bright, Wart will be the first to kick you out according to the script.

Miro noted that Borodina herself is not the best example to follow:

Let's look at Ksyusha - how many children does she have there? How many different men? How many roommates did she bring home to her children?

Without going into arithmetic, a lot. There were many of these men.

The blogger believes that the root of Borodina's statements is not at all in high morality, everything is much simpler - Ksenia is in adulthood and can no longer compete with young girls in attractiveness:

And who is to blame when a man is cheating? Well, of course, a vile lover!

It's not my husband's fault, is it? Then you have to get divorced. And do not blame yourself - the fact that you look like a well-done old piglet - it will not last long and get depressed.

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