Piekha Told How He Overcame Addiction

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Piekha Told How He Overcame Addiction
Piekha Told How He Overcame Addiction
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Stas Piekha told how he got rid of addiction to prohibited substances. According to him, one case helped him. He announced this in the show "Empathy Manucci".

Piekha began to use as a teenager, from 19 to 30 he practically did not return to addiction, but suppressed the craving for prohibited substances with other vivid emotions, for example, he went to the casino.

The musician recalled a case after which he was able to overcome addiction. According to him, he had a heart attack about six years ago at one of the performances.

"There was an overdose, a terrible panic attack. And then it turned out that I just had a heart attack. It was at work, I sang at a wedding. On the ninth song I realized that I wanted to go under the floor. in the afternoon I went to work in Nizhny Novgorod. The plane had already started to black out. I had a heart attack on my legs. I was 34-35. Very dumb, scared. I remembered my son. And now I call my ex-wife, I say that I am dying, they say, an overdose, and I ask you to hear my son, his voice. I listened to him and sobbed. Then I began to fuss, run. I wanted to live. The worst thing was when they told me that I might have a broken heart."

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