Celebrities Who Were Adopted As Children

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Celebrities Who Were Adopted As Children
Celebrities Who Were Adopted As Children
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There are many stories when celebrities adopt other people's children. However, Rambler will tell about famous people who grew up in a foster family.


Marilyn Monroe

The birth mother of Norma Jean (name Marilyn Monroe at birth) could not take care of her daughter due to poverty, so she was forced to give the baby to the care of longtime acquaintances. There she spent seven years, and then spent her teenage years in an orphanage and went through several foster families. And at the age of 16, the girl got married in order to escape from the place she hated.

Steve Jobs


The Apple founder was put up for adoption a few weeks after his birth. After the death of his adoptive mom, Jobs decided to meet with the biological. And he met his father only when he accidentally came to the restaurant that he ran.

Jack Nicholson

Shot from the film "The Departed"

Jack Nicholson's mom gave birth to him when she was still a teenager, so she gave him up for adoption to his grandmother. Interestingly, for a long time, Nicholson considered his biological mother to be an older sister. The actor learned the truth about his life only at the age of 37.

Roman Abramovich

RIA News

The mother of billionaire Roman Abramovich died when the boy was only a year old, and three years later, his own father also died. For some time, Roman was raised by his grandfather, and from the age of eight - by his uncle.

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