Myasnikov Recalled Efremov's Friends-bandits

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Myasnikov Recalled Efremov's Friends-bandits
Myasnikov Recalled Efremov's Friends-bandits
Video: Myasnikov Recalled Efremov's Friends-bandits
Video: Добро пожаловать, или Посторонним вход воспрещен (комедия, реж. Элем Климов, 1964г.) 2023, February

TV presenter and doctor Alexander Myasnikov did not stand aside after the accident with Efremov and condemned the artist. He spoke about this in the program "Thank you, doctor!" on YouTube.

The doctor said that this was not the first time Efremov got drunk behind the wheel. He was surprised that the accident had not happened to him earlier.

"It happens that a person gets drunk for the first time in his life and gets behind the wheel in madness. But this one drinks and drives constantly."

Myasnikov also noted that the actor's relatives did not stop him earlier when he got behind the wheel while drunk. He condemned the surrounding actor, according to him, they could prevent crime and death of a person.

"This is absurd! And now they feel sorry for him or something. Where have they been?"

The doctor recalled that Efremov was friends with the bandits. He said that even those who do not respect the law never get drunk behind the wheel.

Previously, Rambler reported that the actor's daughter, Anna Maria, swore at Malakhov because the TV presenter suggested the cause of her father's alcoholism.

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