Stars Who Hide Their Soulmates

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Stars Who Hide Their Soulmates
Stars Who Hide Their Soulmates
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Dmitry Nagiyev posted on Instagram a picture with a mysterious blonde. The photo made a lot of noise: the showman does not advertise his personal life, and no one knows for sure who she is - the chosen one of Dmitry.

Now fans have suggested that the half-naked girl is the beloved of the TV presenter. However, Telegram wrote that this is just the shooting of the series.

We have collected stars who also prefer to keep their personal lives a secret.

Alexander Gudkov

The showman's personal life is a mystery shrouded in darkness. Some believe that Alexander is deeply married, others that he has been having an affair with Masha Minogarova for a long time, others are completely sure of his unconventional orientation. Last year, information about Gudkov's wedding appeared on the Web, and even a photograph of his wife surfaced, but these speculations were never confirmed.

Anastasia Reshetova

I must say, Anastasia and relations with Timati were hiding for a long time. Even now, when the rapper is officially looking for the chosen one on the show "Bachelor", the model is not going to spread about the presence of a man in her life. But he is happy to show hundreds of flowers on Instagram. And although Reshetova stated in Stories that while she was just communicating and looking closely, fans are sure that someone has already settled in her heart.

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan also periodically shakes the nerves of fans. Well, fans can't just take and forget his beautiful "romance" with model Lena Kuletskaya. Now the singer is constantly credited with a relationship: either with the "kid" Anastasia Petrova, or "see" in the reflection of sunglasses a certain young man during the singer's vacation in the Maldives.

Victoria Dayneko

In 2015, the singer hastily married the drummer of the DrumCast group Dmitry Kleiman, gave birth to his daughter and proudly talked about the happy events of her personal life on the Internet. However, the idyll did not last long, the couple divorced. Now Victoria prefers to remain silent and follow the covenant "Happiness loves silence."

Philip Kirkorov

After Alla Pugacheva, Philip Bedrosovich never met the same one. Well, or prefers to keep quiet about his soul mate.

Svetlana Loboda

The singer refuses to comment on her personal life, so the press, together with the fans, have to figure it out for themselves. So, many are still sure that the second daughter Tilda the star gave birth to from the leader of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann (apparently, the consonance of the names played a role). Svetlana, however, does not confirm this information, so the name of the father of her child remains a mystery.

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