Stars Who Performed While Intoxicated

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Stars Who Performed While Intoxicated
Stars Who Performed While Intoxicated
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Celebrities are often embarrassed, and in fact, they are not as perfect as many fans imagine them. Many of them love to drink alcohol and drink even before performances. Some are sure that this is unforgivable because they show disrespect for the fans, while others forgive them everything, because the stars are people too. Rambler tells about stars who appeared drunk in public.

Anna Semenovich

In an interview, the star said that once she had to perform drunk together with the band "Brilliant". According to Semenovich, the singer was on a date during the tour, where she drank. Unexpectedly, her colleagues called her and called for an urgent speech. She quickly packed up and arrived, and before going on stage drank a glass of champagne. Semenovich said that she could hardly stand on her feet and clung to her colleagues.

Dima Bilan

In 2019, the singer performed at a celebration in honor of the day of the city of Samara. On stage, Bilan amazed all the audience because he could hardly move, could not sing a single song and showed indecent gestures. The next day, it turned out that he had been drinking before the concert and went overboard. The audience was unhappy with the singer's performance so much that he had to record a video message of apology to the public.

Leonid Agutin

Once Leonid Agutin went on stage drunk together with his wife Angelica Varum. Until the end, the fans are not sure that the singer performed in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but on stage they talked about this. During a speech in Ulyanovsk, Varum and Agutin began to loudly sort things out. The media said that the conflict between the spouses began at the rehearsal, and after the concert, she parted in different cars.

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