On Hearing: A Pregnant Poet Cursed A Shaman

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On Hearing: A Pregnant Poet Cursed A Shaman
On Hearing: A Pregnant Poet Cursed A Shaman
Video: On Hearing: A Pregnant Poet Cursed A Shaman
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Svetlana Bondarchuk honored the memory of Irina Skobtseva

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Fyodor Bondarchuk does not advertise the details of his personal life, but more recently a great grief happened in his family. At the age of 93, his mother, People's Aristwoman of the RSFSR Irina Skobtseva, died. The actress is known to the viewer, thanks to her participation in the films "War and Peace", "I Walk in Moscow", "Earthly Love" and other films.

The sad news was reported by the PR-director of Art Pictures Studio - Maria Dalakyan. The cause of death, as well as the date and place of the funeral, were not disclosed.

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"Climax, retirement soon, old age": daughter about Syabitova

Photo by Boris Kudryavov

A month ago, Roza Syabitova underwent an operation to remove the uterus due to a tumor that had formed. The neoplasm, fortunately, turned out to be benign and the life of the TV matchmaker from "Let's Get Married!" nothing threatens. How mom feels now, told her daughter Ksenia, who works as her director.

- Mom looks great, but does not want a man anymore. She already does not need a man physically. Now health is the main thing, the operation was complicated. She is 58. Climax, retirement soon, old age, - says Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova. - Her cleaning lady is annoying in the house, what can I say about a stranger? Mom is good with herself. She was used to it like that. It is good for her to be alone with animals, it takes a lot of work that she loves. Previously, my mother was looking for a life partner, but now she stopped - she realized that it was a useless occupation.

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A rare snapshot of Vysotskaya and her daughter before the accident hit the Web


A rare photo of actress Yulia Vysotskaya with her husband Andrei Konchalovsky and two children, son Peter and daughter Maria, appeared on the fan page of the daughter of the singer Alla Pugacheva, Lisa Galkina.

In the photo, the family literally glows with happiness. They smile and radiate optimism.

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A woman who got pregnant from a shaman wished him to burn in hell

On the eve it became known that the Russian poet and winner of the hip-hop battle Versus Marina Katsuba became pregnant from a Peruvian shaman. The girl wished the man who refused to take responsibility for the child to “burn in hell”. She wrote about this in her Instagram account.

According to Marina, at the moment she does not have a permanent source of income, therefore, despite the support of her beloved man, family and friends, she is confused and confused. In addition, Katsuba is shocked by the behavior of the "sperm host".

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"I was his slave": Mikhalkov spoke about Konchalovsky

Frame from the program "The Fate of a Man"

Director Nikita Mikhalkov took part in the filming of the program "The Fate of a Man" on the channel "Russia 1", where he spoke about the relationship with his older brother, director Andrei Konchalovsky.

“Everything in our family has always been ironic and touching. Love was. There was no exaltation. I was his slave. But this is slavery from boundless love and trust. And be helpful to him. I have always had an older brother cult."

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