Temnikova Spoke About The Harassment

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Temnikova Spoke About The Harassment
Temnikova Spoke About The Harassment
Video: Temnikova Spoke About The Harassment
Video: Лена Темникова - Пермь(03.11.2019) 2023, February

During a live conversation on Instagram with Tina Kandelaki, Elena Temnikova hinted that she was being offered career advancements "through bed."

Initially, Kandelaki herself admitted that she was molested. At the same time, the TV presenter emphasized that her career did not suffer from this.

In response to this confession, Temnikova said:

"The same thing. Offered."

Some fans of the star suggested that the singer was referring to producer Maxim Fadeev, with whom she collaborated for a long time in the Silver group. However, the artist herself did not go into details.

Temnikova also gave advice to young performers. According to Elena, you need to avoid producers with scandalous experience behind you and always carefully read the terms of the contract.

The singer admitted that now her career is developing extremely rapidly. According to Temnikova, over the past year she managed to earn more than one hundred million rubles.

We will remind, earlier "Rambler" told what diet helped Fadeev lose 82 kilograms.

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