The Gazmanovs' Reaction To Buzovoy's "divorce" Surprised Russians

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The Gazmanovs' Reaction To Buzovoy's "divorce" Surprised Russians
The Gazmanovs' Reaction To Buzovoy's "divorce" Surprised Russians

Video: The Gazmanovs' Reaction To Buzovoy's "divorce" Surprised Russians

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Video: Развод | Divorce | Тизер (eng) 2023, February

The parting of TV presenter Olga Buzova and blogger David Manukyan surprised the entire Russian show business. The once-in-love couple suddenly announced their separation. Olga called herself a free girl, and David said that their relationship was "a passed stage."


Olga later asked for support, because there are difficulties in her life now. So, in addition to parting with her beloved, the girl is worried about her sister's stroke and grandmother's oncology.

As "Rambler" found out, many of Buzova's colleagues in show business commented on the situation, and the reaction of the family of the singer Oleg Gazmanov to what happened completely surprised everyone.

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So, 39-year-old Rodion Gazmanov posted on his Instagram page a publication in support of Olga.

"Instead of Friday's battle, we have an action to support Olya Buzova! I sympathize with Olya, from a human point of view, who still cannot find a strong man's shoulder. With her shoulders now, apparently, there is also a world crisis. She should not despair, a prominent young lady, resourceful, that's just wish you happiness and seven feet under the keel!

But something else surprised: all the media today danced on this topic, trampled on, worked out the news feed, but no one offered good advice. Let's think about which of the men (worthy, of course) could make a couple for Olga. And not for a year or three, but at least for five!

And, friends, keep yourself in hand, let's still have respect for the drama. And the lady. ", - he wrote in the publication.

His mother, Marina Gazmanova, reacted to this post, who invited him to fight for Olga's heart and in fact invited her to her friendly family. To this, Rodion replied that he had already written poetry for Buzova.


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