Stars Who Accused Ex-lovers Of Assault

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Stars Who Accused Ex-lovers Of Assault
Stars Who Accused Ex-lovers Of Assault

Video: Stars Who Accused Ex-lovers Of Assault

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Video: Police Set Up Sting to Record Student Admitting to Sexual Assault 2023, February

The relationship of these celebrities can hardly be called ideal, and in some cases they ended in a frightening way. We suggest recalling the loud statements of famous girls who accused their ex of domestic violence.

1/17 Olga Buzova

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2/17 Margarita Gracheva

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3/17 Milana Tulipova

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4/17 Jasmine

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5/17 Polina Ololo

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6/17 Kristina Orbakaite

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7/17 Julia Parshuta

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8/17 Agata Muceniece

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9/17 Ekaterina Arkharova

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10/17 Roza Syabitova

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11/17 Marina Fedunkiv

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12/17 Sasha Gradiva

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13/17 Valeria

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14/17 Elena Ksenofontova


15/17 Alice Mon


16/17 Anfisa Chekhova

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17/17 Yulia Baranovskaya

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Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova, after a party on the occasion of her 35th birthday, announced her separation from her boyfriend David Manukyan. The singer and TV presenter accused the ex-lover, to whom she had regularly publicly shown tender feelings, of assault and humiliation.

“We are no more. I am a free girl. I have to write this so that there are no unnecessary questions, because a person creates terrible and incomprehensible things for me. I beg you not to ask me any more questions. Help me survive. A sister with a stroke, a mother with a grandmother in Lithuania who is fighting cancer. And that's not all I'm going through now,”she wrote on Instagram.

Olga sent her former lover a screenshot of his mother's post, in which she called her son “my sunny miracle,” and offered to tell her that he beats her, insults and spits in her face. However, David himself denies all charges.

Marina Fedunkiv

The news that Marina Fedunkiv, the star of the Comedy Woman project, spent many years in an unhappy marriage and codependent relationship, once shocked the Network. The show "Alena, damn it!" the artist with tears in her eyes shared the details of her marriage with a man who inflicted not only physical injuries on her: now she does not enter into a relationship.

“Just throw 13 years into nowhere. Just live with a drug addict. How could you not save him, when you love a person, of course, you do everything to prevent this from happening. I didn't understand how serious it all was. I didn't even have any drug addicts-friends in my life,”- this is how Marina described her years in that marriage.

When her husband struck for the first time, Marina did not leave. He asked for forgiveness, said that he was in agony, that he did not remember what had happened, - she tried to understand. After a while, the situation repeated itself. “There was just a tough guy. He hit if you hide. He stole money. This was repeated periodically. Not to say that it was often, but it was. I was ashamed to go to the police,”she admitted. Marina at that time was already well-known in Perm, played in KVN. It was easier for her to write off the injuries as an accident - she hit the furniture, fell in the bath:

“There was a concussion, I said that I was falling. The leg was broken. At first it was embarrassing to tell, then it became scary - he said he would kill, and I realized that he could do it."

Julia Parshuta

Yulia Parshuta, a graduate of Star Factory 7, shocked the audience with a story about her tyrant lover.She shared the details of the difficult relationship on Agata Muceniece's YouTube show "Honest Divorce". According to Julia, she met her "prince" about ten or eleven years ago. The first six months of the relationship were wonderful, the couple began to live together, but at one point the fairy tale ended.

“First, a person starts to go with you to your work,” Parshuta said, recalling how her lover accompanied her everywhere, even was on the set during the filming of the sketch show “Give Youth”. Later, the chosen one began to reduce the singer's communication with her entourage, even with her parents, so that all her attention would go to him.

“They pushed you, grabbed you by the neck, and then stronger, more. The worst thing is that no one believes in this, because a person is good for everyone. He tried to choke me, throw me off the 14th floor, break my legs. I ran a bunch of times, and he found me. He found me everywhere,”the singer shared.

It all ended completely when the man hit the recently operated Julia in the stomach …

Anfisa Chekhova

“Once I faced violence from my beloved man! 18 years ago I came to the emergency room, morally and physically disfigured, with a broken nose and a torn eardrum. My face was one continuous bruise, my heart was in tatters … after all, I was beaten by a man whom I loved so much that I forgave him everything! I beat him because I was tired of enduring his drunkenness and empty promises and decided to leave. Unfortunately, then I did not know yet that leaving a man who is very drunk could be life-threatening. So, in the same emergency room, the nurse, who was filming the beatings, told me the phrase: "It is her own fault! What did she do that he beat you up like that?"

About the same phrase was said recently by a cute little girl Regina Todorenko. She said, I'm sure, without thinking at all. And after that, such a porridge-malasha began to spin. As a woman who survived violence and perceived it as a starting point in a new life, where I will never again feel like a victim, where I take responsibility for everything that happens to me! No fault! Responsibility! Where do I choose other men! Consciously and unconsciously! Where do I choose to love myself and never betray myself or endanger myself again … So, as a woman for whom violence has caused the greatest changes, I want to say the most important thing that I have endured thanks to my bitter experience: "Nobody deserves violence ! No one is to blame! But everything that happens to us is our lesson! A very cruel lesson! ", - Anfisa Chekhova said frankly.

Agata Mutsenietse

Agata Muceniece posted a video on Instagram in which, bursting into tears, she accused her now ex-husband Pavel Priluchny of domestic violence. The ex-spouses with children isolated themselves together during the coronavirus pandemic, and this joint stay turned into hell for Agatha and the children, she said.

“Alcohol overshadowed his mind. He raised his hand to me. And during a pandemic he kicks me and the children out of the house. Tomorrow we will move to an apartment. I hope we get through this night,”said the actress.

Julia Baranovskaya

Yulia Baranovskaya accused former civilian spouse Andrei Arshavin of domestic and even sexual violence. When the TV presenter was in the hospital, she asked the football player to transfer the parking lot to her, since she could not leave the car near the house.

"He refused. I asked again - I could not park the car near the house, because everything was registered for him. Without another word, he hit me. I flew five meters away - I still don't understand how my stitches did not come apart. From pain, resentment and humiliation, I cried. He left almost immediately. I then felt sorry for him, if I called the police, it would put an end to his football career for the rest of his life. But why I felt sorry for him after this, I do not know,”- wrote Baranovskaya in her autobiography.

Alice Mon

The star of the nineties Alice Mon became a guest of the show "Hello Andrey!" and told its host Andrei Malakhov about the extremely difficult relationship with her second husband, Sergei Muravyov: “He closed windows, doors, even vents. Then he began to beat me, forgetting that we had a concert for the evening. As a result, he himself covered up the bruises and sent me to the stage. Of course, I loved him very much, and he destroyed all these feelings in me. As a result, I had to leave for my hometown in order to somehow escape from it."

Polina Ololo

The ex-wife of rapper Serega Polina Ololo gave an interview to the YouTube channel "Without complexes", revealing the details of a ten-year marriage with a celebrity. She admitted that the artist beat her, and more than once. After the first incident, Polina was even able to forgive her tyrant husband and accepted a gift from him - an expensive ring with a black diamond.

The second time Parkhomenko beat his wife when someone "whispered" to him that a beautiful and young wife was cheating.

“I had no other men except my husband,” Polina said through tears. - Although he walked right and left and did not even try to hide it. This is the kind of man who, sorry, has everything that moves."

Sergei Parkhomenko beat his wife so hard that all her clothes were covered in blood, and she herself fainted.

“He took my phone and wrote to everyone:" Go to … ". Then he threw the phone into the lake. I don't know how many times I fainted, how many times he hit me on the head. I lay there, endured. And when I could not stand it, I screamed,”Polina recalled the terrible events. She also added that her husband could beat her even with children. She endured bullying for several years before breaking up.

Milana Tulipova

“I found the phone and there I read about all his many adventures, when I flew away for work and spent time in St. Petersburg with his eldest child. The next morning I asked: what is it? He had a pronounced aggression against me, his suitcases were packed. He began to forcefully throw me at them. I fell every time on these suitcases, tried to get up, he threw me over and over again. My whole body was bruised, I was beaten all over, my ribs and head ached very badly. In St. Petersburg, I was diagnosed with a crack in my rib and a concussion. When he found out, he was very afraid that I would make everything public. He asked for forgiveness and transferred the amount of $ 4 million, as if saying that this is a guarantee that this will never happen again, "Milana Tyulpanova said about the end of her relationship with footballer Alexander Kerzhakov on Instagram.

Roza Syabitova

Presenter Roza Syabitova met boxer Yuri Andreev on the set of the program Let's Get Married! and married him. After a year and a half, the husband demonstrated his professional skills to the host: he broke his face and knocked out a tooth. It turned out that this was not the first time that Andreev raised his hand against his wife.

The fact is that the man could not forgive the betrayal of his first wife and began to suffer pathologically from bouts of jealousy, for which he was even treated in a neurosis clinic. Did not help. Officially, the TV presenter divorced her unbalanced husband three years after the wedding.


The story of the singer Valeria is known to many. The singer decided to tell about the fact that she was physically and mentally abused at home only after almost ten years of "a real nightmare" - that is how she called her family life with producer Alexander Shulgin. Rereading an interview with an artist of those times is really scary: for example, one day it came to the point that her husband stabbed her knee with a knife.

Worst of all, the spouse allowed himself cruelty not only towards her, but also towards the children, who now do not even want to communicate with him. Valeria tried several times to divorce, but each time her husband either threatened or begged to stay, or scared her that he would leave her without money. The singer's patience ended when her husband, in a fit of anger, began to choke her before one of the concerts.


The first husband of Jasmine, businessman Vyacheslav Semenduev, did not spare funds for her career, but the pay was too high. Semenduev not only commanded his wife, but also raised his hand to her. After another quarrel, the singer spent almost a week in the hospital: she was diagnosed with a concussion, a broken nose and numerous bruises. The businessman called the photos of the beaten Jasmine, which are painful even to look at, a PR move and did not admit his guilt.

Christina Orbakaite

Kristina Orbakaite had to publicly seek the right to at least see Denis's youngest son and tell the whole country how her husband Ruslan Baysarov humiliated her. According to the singer, at first her husband suppressed her psychologically, and then physical violence followed: Baysarov beat Orbakaite in one of the nightclubs after the presentation of her new album right in front of her friends and colleagues - and broke her nose.

“I introduced him to influential people, took him back and forth, and exposed him on television. I wanted a good father for my grandson. And what did you get for this? A daughter who was beaten half to death with a broken nose!”Commented Alla Pugacheva, who was out of control, on the air of the program“Let They Speak,”and with the help of her connections, she was able to help her daughter get her son back.

Elena Ksenofontova

“On December 26, 2016, in the Presnensky Court, I was sentenced. For the fact that I "beat" my husband. At the forefront is the apartment we lived in. We have a daughter, we have lived for quite a few years, but at some point the relationship collapsed. When I announced that we would no longer live and asked to leave, he said: "You have not understood something. You will leave. If you rock the boat, I will destroy you." He entered the bedroom, grabbed my face and throat, threw me on the bed, sat on top. He served in the Airborne Forces. He pinched his hands and chest, began to threaten. I began to choke, tried to scream for help, because we were not alone at home. He tried to choke, I fought back. When I was doing this, I scratched his face with my hands,”Elena Ksenofontova told Vremya Pokazet about her ugly separation from her common-law spouse, who himself denied all charges.

Ekaterina Arkharova

In 2015, Basharov divorced Emmanuel Vitorgan's niece, actress Ekaterina Arkharova, a few months after the wedding. Soon after the wedding, Basharov, according to Arkharova, began to appear at home less often and stopped paying attention to her. Quarrels over jealousy happened more than once, but the final one was truly ugly: the actor hit his now ex-wife several times. Ekaterina was taken to the hospital with a bloody face, a broken nose and a concussion. After the incident, Basharov calmly offered to divorce, but did not ask for forgiveness.

Sasha Gradiva

Sasha Gradiva dedicated one of her columns on Letidore to the topic of domestic violence. The singer told her personal story: “It happened in front of the whole world - in front of the eyes of people I know, love, appreciate … In an instant I lost my friend, partner, the future that I imagined, the status of a successful family. As soon as I broke free, I knew exactly what I would do. I am one of those 30% of women who decide to report the beatings!"

Margarita Gracheva

The story of Margarita Gracheva shocked the whole country at the end of 2017: on December 10, a resident of Serpukhov near Moscow, Dmitry Grachev, took his wife Margarita into the forest and cut off her hands. The guy was very jealous of his wife and did not want to get divorced. “He was trying to get something out of me, the names of the alleged lovers. And when he took me out into the forest to chop with an ax, his goal was to make me an invalid.

He told me: "I will cut off your hands so that you cannot stroke children with them." It was already a reprisal, "Gracheva said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda immediately after she was discharged from the hospital. Margarita found the strength to live on, and soon she remarried.

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