Miro Shamed Svetlana Bondarchuk

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Miro Shamed Svetlana Bondarchuk
Miro Shamed Svetlana Bondarchuk
Video: Miro Shamed Svetlana Bondarchuk
Video: Светлана Бондарчук - Карта желаний, прогулка по местам детства и новые проекты 2023, February

Blogger Lena Miro scolded Svetlana Bondarchuk. She brought arguments about the insolvency and infantilism of the ex-wife of the famous filmmaker in her new post.

Miro noted that Svetlana is a woman who does not cause negative emotions in the majority.

"It is clear why: shabby, harmless, cheerful. The same as them: nothing of itself."

She said that Bondarchuk had all the trump cards in order to build his own name.

"Sveta had every opportunity to make a name for herself on the basis of her own activities, and not on the flimsy basis of a stamp in her passport about marriage to Bondarchuk,"

- wrote Miro on her blog and noted that Svetlana was never able to rise above a certain level..

“And now, in her early 50s, Svetka is nothing more than Bondarchuk's ex-wife, forced to live on his handouts.

Ksenia Sobchak recently released a great interview with Svetlana. In the course of it, Sobchak decided to note that now the "special" daughter of the former spouses has returned from the United States, where she underwent a "vital course of treatment" and lives with a "loving family in Barvikha." Miro also spoke out sharply about this information:

Bondarchuk did not live with the girl abroad, and does not live with her now. Sveta lives with her gigolo on Patrick. Fedya buys bread and butter and wine for them. What kind of “beloved family” does Varya live with? With a nanny? With dad and his new wife Paulina Andreeva?

Miro questioned that the girl could be "good" with Paulina and said that Svetlana did not care:

"Cheerful Svetka does not care. Her life is raging. Clothes, trips, quarantined vidos, dogs, dresses, anti-ageism, mushshchina. In general, a good Svetka woman, harmless. But not in relation to her only daughter.",

- concluded Miro.

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