Stars Who Found Love In Adulthood

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Stars Who Found Love In Adulthood
Stars Who Found Love In Adulthood
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"My years are my wealth!" - the words of Vakhtang Kikabidze's song sound in a special way when we think about them in the context of life. What is real wealth for you? We are sure that many will unequivocally answer this question - “family” - and they will be right. However, not everyone is lucky to find a life partner on the first try. WomanHit recalls which of the Russian stars met their betrothed at an elderly age:


Svetlana Bondarchuk

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In August 2020, Svetlana married designer Sergei Kharchenko. Before the wedding, the couple met for about two years - almost immediately after parting with director Sergei Bondarchuk. After the conclusion of an alliance in the capital's registry office and celebration in a restaurant in the circle of loved ones, the lovers flew on vacation to Turkey. Now the couple often publishes photos and videos in which they look in love and happy. The witnesses of their joint appearances confirm these words.

Alla Pugacheva

It is difficult to find a person who is interested in the life of stars and is not familiar with the love story of this couple. Creative people, they came together on this basis and began to live together when Alla was still married to Philip Kirkorov, as Maxim noted in an interview with Nastya Ivleeva. Having met for many years, the lovers nevertheless decided to get married shortly before the birth of children from a surrogate mother. Many years have passed - first-graders Lisa and Harry delight their parents with success in their studies, and Alla herself notes: “Everything is calm, and peaceful, and fun, and there are no problems. Like puzzles came together."

Lyudmila Gurchenko

The favorite of millions is no longer alive, but the memory of her biography will remain forever. She more than once called her last marriage with producer Sergei Senin the happiest of the five prisoners in her life. And although the groom was 25 years younger than the actress, the difference did not affect the duration of their union. Sergei was with Lyudmila until the last day - in total they lived together for 20 years.

Lera Kudryavtseva

"God, how beautiful I am!" - said Lera, seeing the wedding dresses prepared for her for the first time. Surprisingly, the star did not take part in their creation, trusting the taste of an old friend - designer Igor Gulyaev. Kudryavtseva was more worried about the future marriage with hockey player Igor Makarov. Despite the difference in age, the couple still live in peace and harmony - for 7 years now - and are raising their daughter Masha, who was born in August 2018.


At the end of September, the singer was going to get engaged to businessman David Grigoryan. At the age of 56, the bride decided not to abandon traditions, but, on the contrary, to prepare her wedding dress according to all the canons. The decor of the dress took about 60 kg of precious stones, which cost 11 million rubles, according to the newspaper "7 D". To look gorgeous in a dress, Aziza went on a strict diet of dates and warm water - each time she ate a couple of them and drank a glass of liquid when she was hungry. The couple spent no less money on organizing the event itself - from paying for the hotel for guests to purchasing black caviar. Prepared for glory! However, the event was suddenly canceled. Alas, not everyone is lucky!

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