It's A Shame That I'm Not Being Filmed

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It's A Shame That I'm Not Being Filmed
It's A Shame That I'm Not Being Filmed

Video: It's A Shame That I'm Not Being Filmed

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Video: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Shooting Scene (I'm Not Ashamed movie) 2023, February

Natalia Gulkina is the legendary soloist of the Mirage group. At the dawn of her career, she performed vocal parts for such compositions as "Sunny Summer", "Mad World", "I Don't Want", "Electricity", "Magic World", which remain popular to this day. And at the end of the Soviet Union, she was even one of the top best singers in the country, along with Pugacheva and Allegrova. But today the singer, alas, is practically inaudible on the air, although she works a lot.


“I have developed my own niche for a long time, I have my own audience,” the artist assured the Dni.Ru correspondent. to those who have already overtaken you for a long time."

Today the singer is often categorized as "retro". Although she has not been invited to music festivals that host radio stations with a similar format of songs for many years, and if this does not hurt Gulkina, then she is somewhat surprised. “Apparently, they don’t think that I am suitable for them,” the artist laughs.

A similar story is with television. She was last seen on the blue screen in early 2016, when, thanks to her willpower and dramatic changes in her image, she became the host of the project "I'm losing weight!" on the NTV channel. As for the New Year's "lights" fashionable among the artists, Natalia has not been cynically called to act there for many years.

“People, both on radio and not on television, should be given the opportunity to choose, they should be given the right to decide what music to listen to, and not to impose on some artists from year to year,” Natalya is indignant. it is a shame not only to me, but also to the numerous fans who endlessly write: "Natasha, where are you, where have you gone, we want to see YOU, we have already become from the same faces on the screen."

In February Natalia Gulkina will celebrate her 55th birthday. For her age, she looks dignified, remains active, vigorous, often gives concerts, records songs. After all, real talent cannot be stifled by prohibitions.

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