Miro Smashed Notorious Buzova For Alcoholism

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Miro Smashed Notorious Buzova For Alcoholism
Miro Smashed Notorious Buzova For Alcoholism

Video: Miro Smashed Notorious Buzova For Alcoholism

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Video: Миро и подписчики уличили Бузову во лжи с реанимацией 2023, February

The scandalous blogger Lena Miro spoke about Olga Buzova, who is now taking part in the Ice Age show.

According to the author, Olga "experiences deep mental suffering if someone else is in the spotlight" and called her a "notorious neurotic." Now that other is Sister Anna, who survived a stroke, and other members of the show who are doing better.

The partner of the presenter Dmitry Soloviev also noted Olga's mood swings, her breakdowns and whims. But viewers associated this with a family drama that happened in the host's family. Later Buzova posted a photo with a dropper.

However, the attentive Miro noticed that in the photo of the presenter there are also pills for removing toxins from the liver. The author immediately assumed that Olga was trying to evoke artificial pity, although she was just drinking.

"Olenka could not swallow her sister's stroke and washed herself on Instagram under a dropper with Heptral. Her face is swollen, crumpled, if they showed me such a face and asked what I think about its owner, I would have decided that she was drinking."

Miro expressed the opinion that Olga has "a hole inside that nothing can fill."

"People with a hole in their souls are always not enough: attention, care, love. Being with them is a hard, exhausting and extremely thankless job. People with a hole in their souls lose control over themselves if the attention of others is focused even for a second on another person. Buzova's younger sister suffered a stroke. Buzova did not survive this, and she had a public "Heptral." And alcoholism is just an attempt to fill the hole. And Anechka? And what about Anechka? Let him choke with his stroke! Olenka should stand in the spotlight!"

Previously, Rambler reported that Buzova had brought a member of the Ivanushki group to hysteria.

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