Nachalova's Dying Voice Messages Revealed

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Nachalova's Dying Voice Messages Revealed
Nachalova's Dying Voice Messages Revealed

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Julia Nachalova's friend Anna Isaeva released the star's dying messages. As it turned out, the singer begged to hide the truth about her health from journalists and fans.

Julia passed away on March 16, 2019 from blood poisoning and heart failure, which developed due to a small wound on her leg. Sepsis proceeded rapidly, because the singer also suffered from gout and diabetes.

Nachalova sent her first message five days before her death. She said that the doctors cleaned not only the toe, where the wound was, but also the entire foot.

"I was told that in 7-10 days, if everything is okay, they will send home. And I can perform. But I will not have to dance with the ballet for a month or two,"

- quotes the artist "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

To prevent fans from sounding the alarm about her disappearance, Yulia stated on her Instagram that she had left for Rome and asked Isaeva to say the same. However, soon, despite this, the media began to write about the illness of the star. And this also happened at the request of Nachalova:

“Anyut! Shut up. Make an official statement that the person is just lying on the check, being checked. Nothing serious is happening. Tell me: I went to Rome to see the phoniatrist, I have some free time, I am undergoing a full examination. Everyone is doing this: Meladze, Gagarina, Loboda The schedule is irregular, it tightens all its indicators. Common hemoglobins, vitamins and fifth to tenth. There are also pains from heels because of work."

Nachalova's daughter, Vera Aldonina, did not feel that her mother would soon be gone. 14-year-old Vera told about this on the air of the Dok-Tok show:

"The last time I saw my mother alive was on March 7th. I had a performance at school, but my mother could not come, her leg hurt very badly."

The girl learned about the death of her mother later than everyone else - at that moment she was resting abroad. Vera's grandfather told her the news when we met at the airport.

We will remind, earlier "Rambler" reported that relatives of Nachalova commented on rumors about the singer's secret child.

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