Tarzan Accused Channel One Of "setting Up"

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Tarzan Accused Channel One Of "setting Up"
Tarzan Accused Channel One Of "setting Up"

Video: Tarzan Accused Channel One Of "setting Up"

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Tarzan accused Channel One of "interfering" with people's private lives. So, the showman made a video message on his Instagram and complained that the media do not have the right to publicly discuss the relationship of the stars, spread rumors, distort the facts and publish personal information.

"Rospotrebnadzor is obliged to take the situation under its control!" - Tarzan believes.

According to Tarzan, he learned that Channel One had prepared a series of programs to slander him.

“Channel One filmed a program where it published a secretly filmed video without my consent. A contract was signed with two swindlers…” - that is why Tarzan himself decided to publish the information that received such a response.

We will remind, recently it became known that the Queen has filed a lawsuit against two girls who stole jewelry worth five million rubles from her. As it turned out, while the singer was on vacation, Tarzan brought home two women. According to the majority, the dancer was cheating on his wife. The artist herself later wrote that "the power of love can pass any test," hinting that she had forgiven her husband.

We will remind, earlier "Rambler" reported that Natasha Koroleva spoke about Tarzan's betrayal.

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