Miro Spoke About Bondarchuk's Wedding

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Miro Spoke About Bondarchuk's Wedding
Miro Spoke About Bondarchuk's Wedding

Video: Miro Spoke About Bondarchuk's Wedding

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Blogger Lena Miro spoke about the wedding of 51-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk and Sergey Kharchenko.

In her opinion, the newly-made spouses will have nothing to live on. Bondarchuk, who earned more than Kharchenko, was kicked out of HELLO! Magazine, where she was the editor-in-chief.

"Not so long ago, Svetka admitted: Seryozha Kharchenko (her then-future husband) earns much less than she does. Now Svetka does not earn anything. Sveta was kicked out, and Kharchenko is a good person," Miro wrote.

According to the blogger, now the family will be supported by Svetlana's ex-husband, Fyodor Bondarchuk:

"Who will buy them food? I think Fedya will. Who else? A man has a dog, a dog has fleas. Fedya has Sveta, Sveta now has a husband."

Miro wrote that Svetlana Bondaruk never spoke badly about her ex-wife, despite the fact that he went to the "young and beautiful" Paulina Andreeva. All because she depends on him materially.

"Fedor will pay for their trips, Svetkina's nails, food from the master's shoulder. Well, and little things: electricity, water. Maybe he will pay for the housekeeper, and even the veterinarian. Svetka never speaks badly about Fedya. why? Is she such a decent person, or maybe Fedya is not n **** l? Well, if not n **** l? N **** l. Young, beautiful and cool Paulina n *** * l right into the heart. Well, or into the folds on a flabby belly."


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Previously, Rambler reported that Bondarchuk got married in three dresses.

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