What Leontiev Looked Like Before Popularity

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What Leontiev Looked Like Before Popularity
What Leontiev Looked Like Before Popularity
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Many famous pop artists and famous actors know from childhood who they want to be. However, in ordinary life, the realization of one's purpose does not come immediately. In the past, Leontiev has tried many professions to find himself as a pop singer.


Leontiev was born in the Komi Republic, his parents were veterinarians-reindeer herders. Already at a more conscious age, the future singer dreamed of becoming an oceanologist and tried to enter the Far Eastern University, but the attempt was unsuccessful due to lack of finance. Then he applied for admission to GITIS, but at the last moment decided to pick them up.

After an unsuccessful attempt to obtain higher education, Leontyev returned to the city of Yuryevets, where his parents lived. There he was a handyman and tried his hand as an auxiliary worker, postman, tailor, electrician. Then he left for Vorkuta and began working as a laboratory assistant at the Research Institute of Foundations and Underground Structures. With work, he combined his studies at the Leningrad Mining Institute.

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The beginning of a musical career

For the first time, he gave a recital on stage at the Palace of Culture of Miners and Builders in Vorkuta. A year earlier, he took second place at the regional competition "Song-71" in Vorkuta.

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After Leontiev realized that he wanted to connect his life with music, he got a job at the Philharmonic in Syktyvkar and became a soloist of the Dreamers group, which was later renamed Echo. In 1979, Leontiev went to work at the Gorky Philharmonic with the condition that he be sent to a competition in Yalta. The competition was broadcast throughout the USSR and the artist took first place. After the competition, he began to collaborate with composer David Tukhmanov, who helped the singer become famous. Already in the 80s, Leontyev was known throughout the Union and gave concerts that were sold out.

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