Famous Women In Relationships With Presidents

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Famous Women In Relationships With Presidents
Famous Women In Relationships With Presidents
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The top officials of the countries always monitor their reputation and try to ensure that their personal life does not become public. However, the paparazzi and journalists follow political leaders and often do not always give out exclusives about their relationship on time. Rambler tells about famous women who had an affair with the president.

Carla Bruni

The romance of the model and ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy continues to this day. They met in 2007 at a dinner party, and in 2008 announced that they were married. Bruni has long been accused of destroying Sarkozy's previous family. He was married to another model, Cecilia Martin, and they divorced months before Sarkozy married Bruni. Despite the fact that little time has passed between the novels, rumors that not everything is so smooth in the marriage of Sarkozy and Martin began in 2005. The relationship with Bruni helped the president's political career. They are still together with the model, raising their daughter Julia.

Julie Gaye


This French actress is not famous for her great roles. In 2014, she became known all over the world after French President Francois Hollande was spotted by photographers near her house. The magazine published a whole article about the fact that the politician is in a secret relationship with the actress. Hollande's reaction was interesting - he did not sue the publication, but said that his personal life should remain personal. The main problem was that Hollande was in a relationship with another woman, journalist Valerie Trierweiler.

“Everyone can make mistakes in their personal life. There can be tricky moments. But I have one principle - personal affairs should remain personal"

Some time after the publication of the photographs, Hollande parted ways with Trierweiler. In 2015, he already officially appeared in public with his new lover Julie Gaye.

Marilyn Monroe

Still from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

However, not only French politicians are trying to carefully hide their personal lives. 35th US President John F. Kennedy was in a relationship with Marilyn Monroe, and their romance was shrouded in secrets, rumors and mysticism. Conspiracy theories aside, Monroe and Kennedy met in 1961 at a dinner party. Then they saw each other in 1962, but then from the holidays they left separately. According to official data, their romance lasted only one night, while neither Monroe nor Kennedy hid the fact of their closeness. The actress wanted a serious relationship and demanded more attention from the head of state, and he treated the novel as an affair. Their last meeting, according to biographers' documents, took place at Kennedy's birthday party in Madison Square Garden, where Monroe congratulated the president on his birthday and sang a famous song.

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