Stars Whose Death Fans Don't Believe

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Stars Whose Death Fans Don't Believe
Stars Whose Death Fans Don't Believe
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When a young and healthy famous person dies, fans immediately have many theories that their idol actually survived. Most often, the reason for the staging is called the peace of the star without the eyes of the public after he has earned enough money for a comfortable life. "Rambler" tells about the stars, in whose death the fans do not believe.

Paul Walker

According to law enforcement agencies, the actor died in a car accident on November 30, 2013. Fans do not believe in his death and believe that he left for a remote island in search of a quiet life, where his family comes. Fans say that the numbers and color of the car in the photos taken after the accident do not match, as if Walker had a car of a different color and with different numbers. In addition, when the accident happened, the police did not cordon off the scene and everyone who passed could watch and take pictures. Despite the fact that there were many onlookers on the street and everyone managed to film the car, the actor was not visible in a single frame.

Michael Jackson

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According to the official version, he died on June 25, 2009 as a result of an overdose of sleeping pills. However, the conspiracy theories regarding Michael Jackson are considered the most popular. When the first reports about the death of the singer appeared, fans thought it was a PR stunt for the upcoming tour. However, when it became clear that all of this was true, fans were in no hurry to believe. They have several reasons that confirm that Jackson is actually alive. One of the main pieces of evidence is the closed coffin. The singer's funeral was broadcast everywhere, but they did not show his face before seeing him off on his last journey. Before Jackson's death, he was accused of crimes, and his music sold much worse - this is how fans explain the singer's motivation for staging.

Elvis Presley

He died on August 16, 1977 from an overdose of sedatives. Fans also do not believe in this version, and they have their own explanations. according to fans, Presley fled to Argentina. One of the fans said that he saw the musician with his own eyes and even took his autograph at the airport when he flew to Buenos Aires. It was reported that then a certain John Burroughs was registered on the flight - this name was used by Elvis to go unnoticed. According to many people, there was a wax doll in the coffin, and an air conditioner was built into it so that it would not melt. This made him feel cold. It is believed that Elvis decided to leave show business and fled in search of himself or wanted to hide from the mafia.

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