Russians Who Married Famous Foreigners

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Russians Who Married Famous Foreigners
Russians Who Married Famous Foreigners
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Many women think that they want to marry an accomplished man who has already made a fortune. It is even better if this person is a foreigner, thanks to whom it will be possible to move to another country. Rambler tells about examples of Russian women who managed to win the hearts of enviable bachelors.

Anna Kournikova

The Russian tennis player and fashion model became famous for her sporting success. She was credited with novels with many businessmen and athletes. According to rumors, she was married to hockey player Sergei Fedorov, but the couple divorced. Since 2001, Kournikova has been in a relationship with singer Enrique Iglesias. The couple are raising three children. It is unknown if the celebrities have had a wedding, but fans tend to believe that they got engaged. Firstly, in social networks, Kournikova changed her last name to a double, and, secondly, the couple had been together for a long time.

Irina Shayk

Irina Sheikhlislamova, better known as Sheik, became famous as a fashion model. Her story of a poor girl from the Chelyabinsk region is familiar to everyone. Thanks to the dizzying career of a model, Shayk ended up in the United States, where she still lives. She had an affair with football player Cristiano Ronaldo, and then she won the heart of the actor Brady Cooper. Since 2015, Shayk has been in a relationship with him, in 2017 they had a daughter, and in 2019 they broke up. Fans are also confident that the couple had a wedding.

Natalya Vodyanova

Vodianova's story is very similar to what happened to Irina Shayk. The model was born in Nizhny Novgorod, her family was not very wealthy. Because of this, at the age of 15, she had to leave school and trade in the market. At the age of 16, the girl was enrolled in a modeling agency, where a scout noticed her and offered to fly to Paris. She agreed, and this was the beginning of a modeling career. Her first husband was British aristocrat Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, but they divorced. In this marriage, the model had three children. In 2011, Vodianova began dating French businessman Antoine Arnault. In 2020, they got married officially.

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