Zverev's Son Sues Him

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Zverev's Son Sues Him
Zverev's Son Sues Him
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The famous stylist Sergei Zverev has not been in touch with his son for a long time, who moved to the province and married a girl disliked by his father.


The stylist claimed that his son's wife was using him for her own benefit, but these accusations angered the girl so much that she decided to defend her reputation in court. In addition, the lovers want to argue for a share in Zverev's apartment. It is reported by StarHit.

“According to the law, Seryozha has the right to her. We also want to receive material damage from Zverev Sr. Zverev Jr.'s wife, Julia.

Previously, the guy had already sued his father over real estate, but then the star stylist won. Yulia is sure that this happened because Zverev outwitted the judge by providing false information.

“We have already lost the case once. Zverev Sr. bypassed the law by providing a certificate stating that Seryozha was born into a family and he had a mother. As a result, the court thought that my husband was not adopted. But this is not so,” - the woman emphasized.

Interestingly, earlier Zverev Jr. and his wife assured that

that they do not need material support, but that they themselves earn good money and go to success.

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