Russian Insta Star Sold Her Book And Course On The Ideal Family, And Now She's Getting Divorced With A Scandal

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Russian Insta Star Sold Her Book And Course On The Ideal Family, And Now She's Getting Divorced With A Scandal
Russian Insta Star Sold Her Book And Course On The Ideal Family, And Now She's Getting Divorced With A Scandal

Video: Russian Insta Star Sold Her Book And Course On The Ideal Family, And Now She's Getting Divorced With A Scandal

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One of the very first Russian women to become wildly popular on the Web was the slender beauty Olesya Malinskaya. It was her photographs that were replicated in communities in Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, even before Instagram appeared. Malinskaya's gorgeous photos were innumerable, but her "luxury" image has always remained unchanged: long black hair, expensive things and branded bags.


Netizens knew Olesya as a model, and now, years later, she has entered the ranks of instadives, coaches and happy married beauties with ideal families. So, Olesya painstakingly "collected" the image of a super-family, showing an attractive husband-businessman, and then their common daughter. Moreover, Malinskaya met her lover in 2018, and a little later it turned out that the young man's name was Alexander Zarankin, and he was five years younger than the girl.

The novel developed rapidly, and their marriage seemed like a fairy tale. Beautiful spouses, a beautiful baby daughter, a beautiful life … Malinskaya regularly talked about her endless happiness and harmonious relationship with her husband on Instagram, which caused special admiration among almost two million of her subscribers.

However, on February 24, the girl announced on the Web that she was getting divorced. It turns out that the young man lived "on her neck" and simply enjoyed the popularity of his wife, giving nothing in return.

"The END of our family …

I was an ideal, madly loving wife all our way and did everything possible and impossible to preserve our relationship. God is the Judge.

It is so arranged by nature that the man is the breadwinner, and the woman is the keeper of the hearth. But I myself had to act as a breadwinner, for a long time.

Initially, everything was very beautiful thanks to the help of parents, thank you very much for your support. But they cannot sustain forever. I don’t want that. As well as I can’t “get” one for my shelter, for food, for movement and for the full maintenance of myself … ", - admitted Malinskaya on Instagram.

It turned out that her husband had lived in her apartment for the last two years, giving nothing to the family, and Olesya herself managed to borrow him a large sum of money:

"The support from my side was also material. Yes, it was my choice in everything to help our family as much as possible. Therefore, I also release a loan of more than a million rubles …

Devaluated, weaved intrigues behind my back, and the phrase: "Olesya promoted me, and I am now known as Malinskaya's husband, everyone will stand in line, I can arrange castings of heifers and continue to walk to the left, but the main thing is that the heifers are tested and not burned". special attention…. ".

Of course, in such a situation, a girl should only evoke sympathy, but many netizens saw irony in this and accused Olesya of hypocrisy and a desire to cash in on fans.

The thing is that Malinskaya was able to monetize the image of her luxurious happy life and happily taught her wisdom to others. As Rambler found out, the insta star wrote a book on how to build an ideal family.

In addition, Malinskaya successfully sold her "Queen in Relationship" course, which teaches girls the secrets of building a harmonious marriage.

"Who does not allow you to be happy in a relationship? Who prevents you from getting what you want from a relationship (more love, contact, exchange, pleasure, emotions)? You yourself! …

On the "Queen in Relationship" course, you will remove all prohibitions only thanks to insights and realizations of who you are, how valuable and worthy, how you need to feel and behave, what to choose, how to react to certain situations, "wrote Malinskaya 13 more January.

Of course, subscribers could not fail to notice such a dissonance.Many decided that everything that the insta star promised them was a hoax.

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Users are ironic that now it is worth waiting for a book, a course and a marathon on "how to survive a divorce."

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