Star Beauties Who Do Not Have A Personal Life

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Star Beauties Who Do Not Have A Personal Life
Star Beauties Who Do Not Have A Personal Life
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These girls are beautiful, famous, successful and talented, but their personal life can hardly be called cloudless. Some of them prefer not to comment on their problems in romantic (and not so) relationships with members of the opposite sex, while others, on the contrary, frankly admit that they cannot find a man with whom they would be happy.

1/12 Irina Dubtsova


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2/12 Irina Shayk


3/12 Charlize Theron


4/12 Svetlana Khodchenkova


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5/12 Kylie Minogue


6/12 Selena Gomez


7/12 Julia Parshuta


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8/12 Rihanna


9/12 Alesya Kafelnikova


10/12 Nicole Scherzinger


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11/12 Sandra Bullock


12/12 Naomi Campbell


Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova recently explained why there is no beloved man in her life.

“If we talk about relationships, rather, I can say that I am free now. Nobody surprises me lately, some guys I understand, I see through them - I know what they will say, what they will do, what they will not do. I will not say that I am disappointed in men. Of course not. Rather, I am disappointed with what I have been seeing lately. In my environment there are also unmarried girlfriends - self-sufficient, beautiful, young women. And they still haven't met a man. Probably because men are spoiled by some kind of accessibility, which we have observed especially sharply over the past 10 years and negatively affects the attitude towards the courtship process, women and love in general. It all came down to physiology and money. It is sad. I haven't said the phrase "I love you" in songs for a very long time ",

- shared the singer in an interview with Peopletalk.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk for five years met with the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, an affair with whom they called both a PR, a contract, and a cover for a gay football player (Ronaldo himself categorically denies such assumptions). Then the model started an affair with actor Bradley Cooper, from whom she gave birth to her daughter Leia, but it never came to a wedding. Now Irina is increasingly seen in the company of the famous ladies' man and lover of famous women Vito Schnabel.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron dated actor Stuart Townsend for eight years and refused to marry him, as the relationship became too friendly. Then Charlize unexpectedly started an affair with her longtime friend Sean Penn. Together they were only a few months. According to rumors, having gotten Theron into his networks, Penn, known for his tough disposition, became not so friendly. As a result, one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood adopted a child and declared that she did not need a man next to her.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova divorced actor Vladimir Yaglych in 2010, whose marriage could not be called cloudless, in 2010 and began dating businessman Georgy Petrishin. The latter, by the way, is considered a collector of novels with famous and beautiful women …

Georgy effectively made an offer: he went on stage after the play "Love Story", in which Khodchenkova played, got down on one knee, and then everything went according to the script. After the actress said "yes", there were numerous reports in the media about the details of the future wedding, and the lovers eventually took and parted. Since then, one of the most beautiful Russian actress appears in the world alone and does not comment on her personal life.

Kylie Minogue

Shortly before her 50th birthday, Kylie Minogue admitted that she had already come to terms with the idea that a happy family life was not for her. Before that, the singer was in love with the thirty-year-old actor Joshua Sass and was planning a wedding, but in the end she was severely disappointed. Sass turned out to be not only a traitor, but also a gigolo. Kylie Minogue was unlucky in love before. At the very beginning of her career, she met with INXS vocalist Michael Hutchence.The romance ended due to mismatched work schedules and harmful addictions of Hutchence, who later committed suicide.

Kylie herself fell in love with handsome men who broke her heart and did not dare to propose a hand and heart. Models James Gooding and Andres Velencoso were much younger than the singer and were not ready to go down the aisle, actor Olivier Martinez also preferred to end the relationship, and then married his colleague Halle Berry.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez for several years then converged, then parted with Justin Bieber again. The guys started dating when they were still very young, as a result, the relationship could not be maintained … Gomez was rather hard worried about Bieber's infidelity and excessive love for parties, on whom great fame fell.

Subsequently, Justin married the model Hailey Baldwin, whom he now calls the love of his life. Selena started an affair with the singer The Weeknd, also known for his difficult character. The latter eventually returned to his ex-girlfriend, model Bella Hadid. Gomez herself at that time continues to struggle with complications caused by lupus (which she was diagnosed with several years ago) - depression and panic attacks.

Julia Parshuta

“I'm tired of relationships, no matter how heavy it sounds. Why? I feel that at this stage of my life I simply cannot build them without detriment to myself. No strength, lost skill. At least for now. Maybe it happened so historically, and I still carry this malicious gene in me - the inability not to devote myself entirely to a man, no matter how self-sufficient you would like to be? I admire those who know how to fully realize themselves in relationships: strong emotional connection between partners = support, children, personal growth, career.

All that now I would like to direct the resource that I was recovering bit by bit for a long time and dreary - this is education, career growth and personal strategy. Friendship. Ease. Anything that deserved more attention, but never got its due. I'm 32. And although, oddly enough, I practically don't have to fight off shelling, "when are the kids?" - around this fortress there is a reliable moat from an adequate environment, - but the insidious spy-normomysl pokes her little nose out of the depths of the subconscious: "How did it happen that all my relatively adult life I wanted a wonderful relationship, a family and children (3 sons and a daughter), and now not, or what? ",

- wrote on Instagram singer Julia Parshuta, who previously talked about the difficult parting with a tyrant man.


Rihanna was very in love with musician Chris Brown. They seemed like a perfect couple, the singer's eyes next to her boyfriend shone with happiness. The novel ended with a terrible fight in the car, when Rihanna was jealous of Chris, seeing unambiguous messages on his phone, and … he beat her so that there was no living space left on her face. This was followed by litigation, Brown's treatment for bipolar disorder, and Rihanna's unsettled personal life.

After parting, the singer went on several dates, tried to date rapper Drake, who turned out to be too windy and not ready for a serious relationship. In a frank interview with American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna with tears in her eyes admitted that even after many years she was worried about breaking up with Brown, and it was difficult for her to establish her personal life due to the fact that she was too public and had not trusted anyone for a long time.

The singer recently parted ways with billionaire Hassan Jamil, whom, according to rumors, she wanted to marry, and now spends more and more time with a reporter with a far from ideal reputation ASAP Rocky.

Alesya Kafelnikova

Alesya Kafelnikova met with the scandalous rapper Pharaoh for several years. The separation turned out to be very painful for the girl - she began to experiment with illegal drugs.

"We asked.She told - in more detail and sincere than we could expect. About how she cut her veins in an English school, parted with Pharaoh and how she now goes to the group of drug addicts. Then we did a photo session - in Morocco, in the middle of the desert, where the golden girl, accustomed to loneliness, felt very good”,

- reported in the magazine Tatler, to which Alesya gave her most candid interview after a difficult period of her life.

Recently, the model and daughter of the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov had an affair with the aforementioned businessman, womanizer and ex-boyfriend of Svetlana Khodchenkova Georgy Petrishin …

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinegre made the classic mistake of the eternal bride - she wanted to get married too much and did not hide it from the groom. For eight years, the singer met with the champion of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, with whom she parted more than once because of his "unwillingness to take responsibility." In the end, Lewis did not take responsibility for himself. After the breakup, Nicole began to have fun with younger boyfriends. For example, she is now dating 35-year-old rugby player Tom Evans.

Sandra Bullock

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is unlucky in her personal life. Sandra has a lot of friends among famous men, but she managed to get married only after forty, and even then for sexaholic, TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James. While Bullock was busy filming, James met girls on the Internet and met them in his studio, spent tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes, and once paid for intimate services with his wife's credit card. Having learned about her husband's infidelities, the actress did not immediately divorce, but sent him to a rehabilitation center for sexaholics. Sandra's patience ran out completely when Jesse decided to interrupt the treatment.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, who had many stormy, but not the strongest and happiest romances with famous men, became a frequent guest in Russia during her romance with Capital Group co-owner Vladislav Doronin. The businessman built a mansion for his beloved on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in the form of a spaceship - for the wedding, they seemed to be rushing on a rocket. As a result, Doronin and Campbell still parted, and the models next to him began to replace one another at cosmic speed. In an interview, Naomi, who will turn 50 in May, admitted that she dreams of children, but does not want to be a single mother, and there is still no suitable man.

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