Khrustalev Told The Truth About His Diagnosis

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Khrustalev Told The Truth About His Diagnosis
Khrustalev Told The Truth About His Diagnosis
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Russian comedian and TV presenter Dmitry Khrustalev got in touch. On his Instagram profile, he shared his thoughts about what happened and explained everything that happened to him over the past 24 hours:


On the way from St. Petersburg to Repino, in a taxi, I felt bad, I lost consciousness, and woke up in a few hours in the hospital, where the driver had brought me, for which he thanks a lot!), And where the doctors quickly brought me to consciousness (for which they are no less grateful to them !!!).

The preliminary diagnosis is "drug incompatibility against the background of severe fatigue." Of course, both me and the doctors will have to find out in more detail the reasons for this unpleasant incident.

We will remind, on the eve, when the artist became ill, information appeared in the media that Khrustalev began complications against the background of the detected coronavirus infection. Later, this version was not confirmed, and tests for coronavirus showed a negative result.

The artist thanked everyone who was worried about him and expressed his gratitude to the doctors.

I agree with the opinion of many of you that in the pursuit of "youth and perfection", artists have to overwork their bodies: physical activity, diets, irregular schedules, and the like! However, it is not very pleasant to realize that my hobby has gotten out of control and passed from the category of self-improvement to the degree of self-torture! therefore

For the next few weeks, I decided to devote myself to my health and undergo a more thorough medical examination.

Thanks again to everyone who worried about me and supported my loved ones!

Previously, Rambler wrote that the Internet suspects that Khrustalev could have been poisoned.

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