Who Was Whitney Houston's Secret Love

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Who Was Whitney Houston's Secret Love
Who Was Whitney Houston's Secret Love

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Singer Whitney Houston is considered a world star. The tragic death of the performer was a blow to millions, many blamed her husband Bobby Brown for her death. The artist has been married with him for 15 years. But Rambler will tell you who was Whitney's real, but secret love.


Houston never hid that she was unhappy in her marriage to Brown. The only person who made her happy was her best friend and helper, Robin Crawford.

Seven years after the tragic death of the singer, it turned out that women were connected not only by friendship. Robin stated this in her book “A Song for You. My life with Whitney Houston. " Crawford frankly admitted that their romantic relationship lasted from youth until the death of the performer - as much as 15 years. And they flared up during the filming of the famous film "The Bodyguard", where Whitney played the main role.

The girls did not advertise their relationship, they met in secret, as Houston was afraid of condemnation from the family for same-sex love. At some point, the singer even broke off her relationship with her lover to avoid publicity. But soon Robin and Whitney began dating again.

English director and screenwriter Nick Brumfield has released Can I Be Me? about the biography of the star. In the picture, he shared his memories of the singer's relationship with her assistant:

“I don’t know what proof is needed, but it was in Whitney’s life. She and Robin lived together, often sleeping in the same bed. I think it was the closest, most productive and creative relationship she has had in 15 years."

Houston died on February 11, 2012. The artist's body was found in the bathroom of a Beverly Hilton hotel room. After Whitney's death, her husband Bobby said: "She could still be alive if she allowed herself to reveal the secret of her preferences."

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