On Hearing: Elena Vorobei Is Getting Married

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On Hearing: Elena Vorobei Is Getting Married
On Hearing: Elena Vorobei Is Getting Married

Video: On Hearing: Elena Vorobei Is Getting Married

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Video: Елена Воробей и Елена Степаненко "Гадалка и экстрасенс". Субботний вечер, эфир от 13.10.2018 2023, February

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Agent Kovalchuk spoke about her affair with Kharlamov

Shot from the TV series "Hussar"

The agent of the actress Ekaterina Kovalchuk Alena Granovskaya commented on the rumors about the romance of her ward and Garik Kharlamov. Not so long ago, there were reports in the media that the comedian, who not so long ago divorced Christina Asmus, had an affair with his partner on the TV series "Hussar".

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Kravchenko explained why she will no longer give birth

Maria Kravchenko spoke frankly about why she would no longer have children. Carrying out the first and only daughter was a real test for the star.

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Zavorotnyuk began to go out into the street

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk's condition improved: the actress began to go out. She lives in a cottage in the village of Krekshino near Moscow. Relatives fear that the actress will be caught by the press, so they hide her from prying eyes.

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Elena Sparrow is getting married

Not so long ago, at one of the social events, the artist appeared with a ring on her ring finger. Sparrow did not deny that she received a marriage proposal. Elena will marry for the fourth time.

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Buzova brought "Ivanushka" to hysteria

@ buzova86

Olga Buzova brought Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov to hysteria at Pavel Volya's show "Two in a Million". Recently, the comedian posted footage from a recent release on his personal blog.

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