Russian Stars Who Have Been Seriously Ill With Coronavirus

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Russian Stars Who Have Been Seriously Ill With Coronavirus
Russian Stars Who Have Been Seriously Ill With Coronavirus
Video: Russian Stars Who Have Been Seriously Ill With Coronavirus
Video: Coronavirus: The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19 - BBC News 2023, February

December marks one year since the first news about the spread of the coronavirus appeared. It all began in the Chinese city of Wuhan - it was there that an outbreak of a dangerous infection was recorded, which soon swept the whole world. We decided to remember which of the stars of the domestic show business had had the coronavirus and what observations they shared on this score.

1/9 Vyacheslav Manucharov

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2/9 Yulia Khlynina

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3/9 Gosha Kutsenko

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4/9 Nadezhda Babkina

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5/9 Lev Leshchenko

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6/9 Aurora and her husband Alexey

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7/9 Daria Moroz

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8/9 Anastasia Ivleeva

Photo: @agentgirl

9/9 Zemfira and Renata Litvinova

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To begin with, none of the celebrities was in a hurry to advertise the disease. As a rule, it became known about the transferred infection from the person himself, when the disease was already over. Everyone unanimously shares similar impressions: pneumonia is difficult, there is nothing to compare the disease with - the symptoms are different. There is only one conclusion after the fact: to wear masks and gloves, not to visit mass places, to support those who are sick. The second turned out to be more difficult, more than once the sick faced rejection and even aggression

So, the actor and host of his own show on YouTube, Vyacheslav Manucharov, told how his illness proceeded and what a pretty penny the treatment cost him. The artist told fans that during his illness he faced melancholy and loneliness. Manucharov twice did CT (computed tomography of the lungs) and the second time the study showed 10% lung damage. Most of all, Vyacheslav was shocked by the lack of smell: coffee, food, flowers, shampoos - everything lost its smell. Plus colossal weakness and loss of strength.

“Covid is a wild monstrous weakness, I still feel it. It's really hard for me - it's hard to climb the stairs, wake up in the morning and start the day, and when you're sick, you can't get up from this heaviness and go to the toilet, wash, eat. No forces".

According to the artist, the treatment was not cheap. CT scan costs 6,000 rubles, medications cost 16,000, blood tests - within 3,000. It was also not easy to be in self-isolation without communication. There was not enough friendly participation, because the showman advises everyone not to forget about sick friends, send couriers to them with food, flowers and books.

Ill actress Yulia Khlynina shared another observation. She faced aggression against herself. The disease itself was mild:

"Slight decrease in sensitivity to odors and good desire to go to bed."

Khlynina assured that she did not infect a single person with whom she had contact the day before - she is sure of that. However, in her environment there were people who suspect the opposite. It seems to them that the actress knew about the disease, but continued to contact people.

“Most of the calls were from women for some reason, who were covered with a wave of panic. Although no one wants to get sick in the same way!"

- the actress shared.

According to her, the health of an adult is completely his responsibility, since all people are aware of the situation in the city and the world, which means they can and should take precautions. Khlynina also noticed that many of her friends faced a similar reaction when their environment learned about the infection.

Gosha Kutsenko suffered from COVID-19 in a rather severe form - he spent two weeks in the hospital. He got infected, according to him, on the set.

“This is special pneumonia! And only specialists who fill their hands with daily hard work deserve trust.Anyone who is nonsense about wearing masks - get in the ass! Breathe there! Take a look at China on the way. Two yards of people, observing elementary discipline - healthy! What I wish for us too!"

- the artist writes.

70-year-old Nadezhda Babkina suffered from the coronavirus in the spring - in a severe form. The singer's lungs were 80% amazed - doctors did CT scans three times to make sure of this. It was not done without an operation, the artist was introduced into a state of artificial coma. The illness in the case of Babkina began abruptly: the singer felt severe weakness and nausea. She quickly called the ambulance team - already in the car they connected it to an oxygen bag.

“When they put me in to see my lungs, they pulled me out in silence - they thought they were wrong. Twenty minutes later they roll me up a second time. Then they silently thrust it in for the third time. And they say: "Hurry to the operating room!" I don't remember anything, they put me into an artificial coma. About 80% of the lungs were affected. There, the film was overgrown and tightened - this is such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and begins to work … ",

- the People's Artist told Dmitry Borisov on Channel One.

She is sure that she survived only thanks to the professionalism of the doctors.

Then the country worried about 78-year-old Lev Leshchenko and his wife - they were hospitalized together with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection. As you know, for people of age, the disease is especially dangerous, as it is fraught with complications. Leshchenko was placed in intensive care for some time, but then he recovered and underwent a course of rehabilitation at home.

Those who could carry the disease on their feet did it within their own walls. And then they talked in detail about the course of treatment. For example, the TV presenter Aurora, who was ill at the same time with her husband, did this.

“The signs are obvious - temperature 37.3-38.5, wild body aches, weakness, loss of smell, and pneumonia as a result. Alexei has bilateral, in me - in the right lung. When it became clear that we were ill (t began to rise, the head and the whole body ached), we phoned the pulmonologist, who has been seeing Alexei for 7 years. He has lung fibrosis plus bronchial asthma, so he was at risk. The pulmonologist sent us to urgently do CT (computed tomography) of the lungs, which, as a result, showed pneumonia,”

- the TV presenter shared with the followers.

The couple refused hospitalization, as they could not leave their teenage daughter and dog unattended. We decided to be treated at home, calling the doctor every day and strictly following all her prescriptions. Aurora and her husband remembered the knocking down weakness and fatigue - it was impossible to spend more than five minutes on their feet. After a couple of weeks, the couple was on the mend.

Nastya Ivleeva and her husband Daria Moroz, Eljey, Ida Galich (she also had the disease with her husband), Pavel and Maria Pogrebnyak, Emin Agalarov, Alika Smekhova, Zemfira and Renata Litvinova also spoke about their experience of the disease.

Alas, not without casualties: theater director Roman Viktyuk, satirist Anatoly Trushkin, director Samvel Gasparov, the only son of the announcer Svetlana Morgunova Maxim died from coronavirus infection.

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