Rudkovskaya Reacted Sharply To Rumors About Her Son's Diagnosis

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Rudkovskaya Reacted Sharply To Rumors About Her Son's Diagnosis
Rudkovskaya Reacted Sharply To Rumors About Her Son's Diagnosis

Video: Rudkovskaya Reacted Sharply To Rumors About Her Son's Diagnosis

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Recently, rumors have spread on the Internet that the son of Yevgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha, who is called the Dwarf Gnomych in the family, suffers from mental disorders. Rudkovskaya has already faced criticism because of the too harsh, according to some Internet users, methods of raising her son.

But this time, Yana does not hide her rage and resentment because of the publication in the Starhit magazine, which belongs to Natalya Shkuleva, the wife of Andrei Malakhov. It was in this article that the presumptive diagnosis of the boy - Asperger's syndrome - was voiced.

Rudkovskaya responded with an emotional message in her account. She admitted that she did not expect such a blow from people whom she considered friends of her family:

“My family and I faced amazing human filthiness, vileness from people whom I considered my friends, who came to visit and to our events, more than once smiled and admired Sasha. Least of all from you, from Natalia Shkuleva and your family, who publish their icteric Starhit, I expected a knife in the back. And I got it. In full, with reference to anonymous experts who talk about the "abnormality" of our son Sasha with Zhenya, our diligent, athletic, kind, friendly and absolutely healthy Gnome-Gnome."

In Yana's opinion, the magazine has “hit the bottom”.

“To some extent, I understand that this is your job, you have done it more than once, your hand is full, nothing sacred, hype and scandal - your icon, faith, for this you will hand over, sell, drown, slander, spit on who and what whatever you like."

However, Rudkovskaya is not going to silently go through this situation. She threatened to take legal action.

“Now you will be responsible according to the fullest account and according to the law. Your slander and lawlessness must and will be punished … You will, of course, say that you simply referred to an anonymous channel, which, as you know, you yourself run. It would be better to come up with a disguise."

Yana emphasized that they do not hide their child and “everyone can see his development” by looking at his account.

“Our son is absolutely healthy, it’s even difficult to question it,” Rudkovskaya said.

She also clarified that the trial will be not only in Russia, but also in Strasbourg.

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