On Hearing: Borodina And Buzovoy Sharply Cut The Fee

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On Hearing: Borodina And Buzovoy Sharply Cut The Fee
On Hearing: Borodina And Buzovoy Sharply Cut The Fee

Video: On Hearing: Borodina And Buzovoy Sharply Cut The Fee

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Video: Ссора Ксении Бородиной и Ольги Бузовой попала на камеру ... 2023, February

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Ex-wife Meladze confessed why she let him go

The personal life of singer Valery Meladze has never been easy. Now his ex-wife Irina Malukhina spoke on Instagram about the difficult parting and the decision to let her beloved husband go.

The woman explained that she would never hold on to a sick relationship. At the same time, she does not understand women who value their status as a wife more than the quality of their life. She explained that next to women who sacrifice themselves to an unhappy marriage, she becomes stuffy, because they do it because society has imposed such "rules" on them.

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Valeria's son was doused with alcohol at a concert

Arseny Shulgin, the son of the singer Valeria, was doused with alcohol. He told about this on his Instagram.

Shulgin spoke about how he attended the rapper Morgenstern's concert in Sochi.

It turned out that an unknown person had thrown an alcoholic drink in Arseny's face right during the concert.

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The Russian model showed the grown-up son from the ex-king of Malaysia

28-year-old model Oksana Voevodina showed a photo of her grown son Leon. Recall that the child's father is the King of Malaysia Muhammad V, with whom the girl broke off relations, barely having played a magnificent wedding.

The king himself is convinced that Vojvodina gave birth to a child from another man and does not want to recognize the boy. But Oksana does not give up hope that Muhammad V will change his mind.

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Borodina and Buzovoy cut wages by half

Frame from transmission

After the closure of the TV show "Dom-2", the salaries of Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina fell by almost half. Now each will receive about a million rubles a month. This is reported by Teleprogramma.pro.

The exact amount of payments will depend on the number of broadcasts of the show "Borodin vs. Buzova". Let us remind you that this TV show will continue to appear on the screens.

A universal poll for the hearing if the text from the movie is in the zag:

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Safronov spoke about the reassessment of colleagues after dismissal

Sergei Safronov, the former host of the show "Battle of Psychics" on TNT, admitted on his Instagram that he was very mistaken in his environment.

It turns out that the famous illusionist has always considered show business to be a real ball of snakes, in which sincerity and friendship cannot exist. However, the troubles in his life showed that this was not the case. In particular, at the end of 2020, Safronov was removed from the "Battle of psychics" after information surfaced that he allegedly took bribes for "promoting" psychics in the show. At the same time, at the end of the year, both Sergei and his two brothers fell ill at the same time.

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