On Hearing: Leshchenko Told Why He Never Adopted A Child

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On Hearing: Leshchenko Told Why He Never Adopted A Child
On Hearing: Leshchenko Told Why He Never Adopted A Child
Video: On Hearing: Leshchenko Told Why He Never Adopted A Child
Video: Adopting a child of a different race? Let's talk | Susan Devan Harness | TEDxMileHigh 2023, February

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52-year-old pop star Kylie Minogue will marry for the first time


52-year-old Australian singer Kylie Minogue will marry for the first time. She was chosen by 46-year-old Paul Solomons, creative director of the British magazine GQ. This is reported by The Mirror.

“We are very excited about the upcoming event. Paul only recently told us about everything. We are very happy for them and Kylie. I won't say anything more, as I promised Paul to remain silent. And I love him too much not to keep my word ",

- Said Solomons' stepmother in an interview with reporters.

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What popular supermodels of the 90s look like now

Modern models are often compared to the stars of the 90s catwalks. The beauty of that time was very different from what it is now. Many people say that before, girls looked more natural due to the fact that plastic surgery was not common.

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Bellucci's daughter made the cover of Elle at age 16

@ d.casseluxxi

The daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel starred for the cover of a glossy magazine, the French version of Elle. "Rambler" tells what is known about the rising star, which is predicted the success of the mother.

Virgo Kassel is 16 years old, and this is already her second appearance on the cover of the gloss. French Elle called her "the muse of Italian designers", as she most often collaborates with the brands of this country.

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Leshchenko told why he never adopted a child

Recently, Lev Leshchenko celebrated his 79th birthday, but he never had children. Although his first wife, Alla Abdalova, repeatedly interrupted pregnancies. And the current wife, Irina, never gave birth.

Lev Valerianovich admitted that once he and his wife wanted children, but there were no technologies like IVF and surrogacy at that time.

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"I wanted to do something myself": Svetlakov revealed the reasons for leaving TNT


Sergei Svetlakov worked for a long time on the TNT channel. It was he who was one of the founders of the popular Comedy Club show.

However, in 2018, Svetlakov switched to a channel competing with STS. The artist spoke about the reasons for changing jobs in an interview with Teleprogramma.pro.

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